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Posted by ninjamuffin99 - September 25th, 2019

Me and @Cymbourine made a cool ass dating sim. It’s where you date the Madness Combat boys. GO PLAY IT

It works on both browser AND mobile

Right now it’s in a demo state, and it’s likely that me and Cym will be updating it for the next little while, with more paths/routes and other various fixes.

This newspost is gonna be a sorta breakdown of the development process and other technical info.


The roots of this game actually goes aaaaall the way back to 2017. Like 4 days before Madness Day of that year. I decided I wanted to make a Madness Dating sim! I actually made the prototype in flash, since I was too dumb to make branching paths in HaxeFlixel, so Flash was easier hehehe. I didn’t finish it, I got too lazy with the writing lmao. But you can play the prototype here: https://www.newgrounds.com/projects/games/1141362/preview

This preview technically doesn’t have all the content, I think I wrote a few other routes but you couldnt select them in game yet, they were just accessible as I was writing them.

When the Madness Day winners of that year was announced, someone mentioned Madness hentai and I dropped a preview to my stinker game. Then @TomFulp wrote this.


Sorry Tom for being 1 year late lmao


The game is written in Haxe, using the framework HaxeFlixel. Earlier this year, @PhantomArcade hit me up askin to do a little visual novel style game with him. Although that game is way on the backburner right now, the backbone to that game was made earlier this year, and I pretty much used that for this game.

The way it works is I use the Ink scripting language, which is written by Inkle Studios, the creators of games like 80 Days, Heaven’s Vault, Sourcery, and some other stuff. Ink is almost like a middleware of sorts for narrative content. You write something in the Ink style or whatever, run it through their compiler, and it spits out a .JSON file you can use and parse however you please. However, I’m stupid and dumb at coding still. I don’t know how the hell to parse this shit on my own. LUCKILY someone else did a lot of the heavy lifting for me. InkHaxe nicely makes it so that I don’t have to parse any of the Ink stuff on my own. Pretty much everything on that side was taken care of for me. What I then did was hook those functions and coding shit into a visual novel style game, where you advance text, until you reach a point where you have to pick a choice. Pretty much all the code is in a single PlayState.hx file, if you know HaxeFlixel peep it https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/MadnessDay2019/blob/master/source/PlayState.hx

Ink is so nicely written, I was also able to easily extend upon it on my own, simply through making my own little writing standard and parsing it the way I needed to. I wanted some special functions to be able to be set right through the writing. Specifically, I wanted the writer (me, in this instance) to be able to control when and where certain things happen, like when certain character’s art show up on screen. The way I wrote that part was I still used Inky, and I also used some of my Discord bot writing experience. If you put the command `fulp` alongside certain keywords it would execute a certain command (that I would have to program). Let’s use the command `fulpfadeout` as an example. (The 'fulp' prefix is actually from the FulpTron discord bot I wrote lmao)

You go and leave the room. You close your eyes and go to sleep.
Your eyes are closed and you can only see black.

Looks like this


It basically checks if the message starts with the command prefix (‘fulp’ in this instance) and then goes through a switch statement (basically a bunch of if statements but better) to see if the rest of the command matches up with a preset command. In this case, ‘fadeout’ does match. So it runs whatever is in that fadeout switch case.

//Pretty much the code
private function fulpCheck():Void
        // Makes a modifyable variable that has the same value of the current text (fulpFadeI)
        var message:String = inkStory.currentText.trim();
        // Continuously runs this code, until the current text isn't a fulp command
        while (message.toLowerCase().startsWith(prefix))
            //Parses the arguments. Splits it all into an array. Not needed for fadeIn, but useful elsewhere
            var args:Array<String> = message.substr(prefix.length).split(" ");
            // Sets the first argument (fadeIn) to be its own variable, then shift the args array
            var command = args.shift().toLowerCase().trim();

            if (args[0] != null)
                curArg = args[0].toLowerCase().trim();
            switch (command) 
                case "fadein":
                    boxFade.fadeOff(null, {steps: 6, time: 1});
                case "fadeout":
                    FlxG.log.add("Busted command somewhere....");
            // If it can continue (you don't have to select a choice), it advances the text internally. Else, it will leave the while loop
            if (inkStory.canContinue)
            // Sets the message variable to the currentText, and it's still in this while loop, until it's no longer a fulp command
            message = inkStory.currentText.trim();

Since we don’t actually want the command to show up as dialogue, I make the InkHaxe backend stuff skip the line before it updates the textbox basically. If you look up pretty much any Discord bot writing tutorial, those will probably give you a better insight into how to do these dinky little command parsing shit.

The one other thing I did to sorta extend Ink is the nametag stuff. What it basically boils down to is if the line starts with a colon : it will register anything between that, and the next colon as a name.

:Sanford: "It's a little breezy out today, feel free to hop in the backseat bud."

Shows up as this


Pretty simple way to do names, and was super easy for me to write on both the programming, and actual writing sides of things.

Moral of the story is that Ink is good as hell. It’s super extendable for your own needs. If you got the time, check out this one GDC talk by the head guy at Inkle Studios https://youtu.be/KYBf6Ko1I2k

I used it to make a whole game and sorta my own little engine around it. However it wouldn’t be too hard for you to integrate it in different ways in your own projects. You could do anything from a standard Interactive Fiction game (that’s all built in to the Inky editor), or do something like use Inky to make just the dialogue system for your game. It’s pretty good.


THIS GAME'S SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/MadnessDay2019

Ink shit: https://www.inklestudios.com/ink/

Ink tutorial for complete beginners: https://www.inklestudios.com/ink/web-tutorial/

Throw me some cash on Ko-fi so I can buy video games and/or Newgrounds Supporter status: https://ko-fi.com/ninjamuffin

Throw Cym some coin her way as well, since this game wouldn't have happened without her and her art: https://ko-fi.com/cymbourine





Posted by ninjamuffin99 - September 13th, 2019


Me and my good pal @HenryEYES interviewed one of the most infamous users on this website in recent history.  We have an hour long discussion with none other than @StaticSkull. If you were on NG back in 2016, you knew his name. He was everywhere. The forums, audio portal, movie and games portal. You couldn’t escape. If you made an account back then, don’t be surprised to see him being one of your very first fans. He was notorious. Maybe you participated in one of his collabs in those days.

His reign ended in the spring of 2017. He was banned for a variety of different reasons. In this one-off interview podcast, me and Henry get into the fella himself, to look back on those days of shenanigans.

Listen here


To help out wit @NickConter ’s game NEAR DEADline and add medals and scoreboards to it, I ported the newgrounds.io Construct addon by rexrainbow to the new Construct 3 API. Technically they have written a Construct 3 version, but there’s a reason why you can’t shouldn’t use that one.

When Construct 3 released, it started out only using the Construct 2 runtime. This basically means that the game engine backend was pretty much the same C2 engine, but running through a web browser. Most games so far have been using this C2 runtime, so the addons have been working just fine. However, last December they finally released the new Construct 3 runtime. Written from the ground up. About 7-8 years after the C2 runtime released.

The way that the C2 and C3 runtime load and run addons are slightly different. Previously the old ‘porting’ process you just added some files and folders here and there, and you could actually keep your code the exact same. But now all that code won’t work, since the runtime is rewritten. Luckily the API changes aren’t incredibly drastic, and it’s not too hard to translate certain things. But if you make a project in Construct 3, THIS is the addon you’d wanna be using for Newgrounds.io support (unless rexrainbow or someone else writes their own addon, which will probably be better than my port lololol), in fact it’s the ONLY ‘true’ Construct 3 addon for Newgrounds.io support as far as I know.

Right now it’s super early, as I’m pretty busy working on my MADNESS DAY game shhhhh. If you wanna give it a little shot, peep the releases page on the Github which should have a little more info: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/Construct3-Newgrounds.io/releases

Oh yeah, it’s on Github, so it’s open source and shit too if you wanna actually dig around in it and contribute: 


And once again, this is a PORT of an addon that the blessed rexrainbow made. I’m too stupid to write code myself, most of the heavy lifting was done by them. Although in the future I would probably throw in a few quality of life improvements and touch up some functions or whatever. Maybe make some certain functions that use less events or whatever so that it’s more viable for people using the free versions of Construct 3?? Who knows. If you do end up wanting to use it, hit me up (@ninja_muffin99 on twitter, ninja_muffin#9104 on discord) and I’ll help you out and update it to make it easier to use. Right now it's pretty rough, but usable. Just tell me if you actually go about wanting to use it, so that I can update it to be nicer to use lmaooooo

Further reading on the Construct 3 runtime stuff




Today I turned 20. That shit is weird to say to me. Most of my recent birthdays I’ve sorta mentally prepared in a way. Like I’ve already felt the certain age by the time my birthday came around, if that makes sense. Maybe I’ve had a certain vision of a “20 year old” in my mind, and I don’t fit it. Like I’m not living up to my own expectations. It’s weird and dumb to think about though, since I just turned 20, and it’s all just numbers and shit anyways.

Anyways that’s all I really gotta say about that, I’m too busy HUSTLIN baby. Thanks to everyone wishin me happy birthday so far, and for everyone who GONNA be wishin me happy birthday through the day. Yall MVPs i luv NG

If you appreciate my stuff give me birthday money or some shit lolol I wan buy new Borderlands game lmao gimme money on paypal or ko-fi I never shill these, I really should I could be a millionaire by now.


bless up crew



Posted by ninjamuffin99 - July 12th, 2019

(Small thing before newspost, if you a winner of AIM, check out this newspost for info about prizes https://ninjamuffin99.newgrounds.com/news/post/1059594 )

Yoo what up Newgrounds. As I am writing this, I’m listening to @TomFulp’s June 2019 Mix. Not on Newgrounds however, through Discord. In case you missed it, I wrote up a Discord bot, FulpTron, that has a bunch of functionality that sorta integrates with Newgrounds.

The latest feature I’ve added is the ability to play songs right from Newgrounds.

(shoutout to @kawaisprite go listen to their stuff)

This works pretty much exactly as expected. Work’s with song playlists too. Wanna listen to Tom’s mixes with your pals at the end of each month? EASY. Wanna start an NG music club with your boys? EASY. 

This has been on the backburner for a long time, but I finally got around to it after the @ACoupleOfCrickets boys had a few technical difficulties with playing NG songs in their Discord where they record the podcast live (go check them out btw) so I finally got a bit more motivation to finally get around to fixing it up.

It's compliant with the 'Allow External API use' setting, so that if artists do not want their music to be listened to by the bot, they can check the box and FulpTron won't be able to access it. Works similarly with unscouted submissions, where those cannot be played whatsoever. And shoutout to @PsychoGoldfish for all the useful info.

This comes with a full queue system and everything. Song skipping, volume control, etc. What I still plan on adding is to make the ‘fulpNowPlaying’ command give out better info. Right now it merely gives the song title, but I’d like to be able to drop a nice embed with cover art, link to the artist, and a link to the actual song if you wanna fav/score it. Also a current issue is that it plays the songs out of order. I’ll chip away at it through the next few days.

But if you want to add FulpTron to your OWN server you can use this link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=381604281968623617&scope=bot&permissions=8

And if you wanna join some Newgrounds discord with a bunch of cool people, why don’t you hop in here. Maybe we'll pop on some cool NG music in voice chat or something for everyone to listen to: https://discord.gg/HzvnXfZ



Posted by ninjamuffin99 - July 11th, 2019


me and @I0TA are dishin out Steam keys for prizes once again. We each have our own individual prize pools. The way this always worksis that the top 3 winners pick their games first, then its first come first served for the runner ups (goes in order of who asked via PMs first). If you're a runner up, usually its best to give us your top 3 games in case one has already been taken.

If a game you want isn't on this list, it's likely it's on @I0TA's!! Go check his page out!


  • Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition
  • Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
  • The First Tree
  • Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
  • Tooth and Tail
  • Sonic Adventure DX
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection (CLAIMED BY MINTYFRESHTHOUGHTS)
  • Sonic CD
  • Sonic Generations Collection
  • Pinstripe
  • Besiege
  • Stick Fight: The Game
  • Action Henk
  • Mini Metro
  • Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You
  • Tropico 5 (with espionage and waterborne expansions)
  • Skullgirls
  • Scanner Sombre
  • HunieCam Studio
  • SpeedRunners
  • Human Resource Machine
  • Song of the Deep (CLAIMED BY SIRQUEBI)
  • Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition
  • N++


  • Cities: Skylines + After Dark DLC
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • NeuroVoider
  • Zombie Army Trilogy
  • Immortal Redneck
  • American Truck Simulator
  • Dungeons 3
  • Hidden Folks
  • Old Man’s Journey
  • We Were Here Too
  • Ultimate General: Civil War
  • Peregrin(us)
  • Blackwake
  • Forts
  • Hearts of Iron IV
  • Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
  • Portal Knights
  • Serial Cleaner
  • Shiness: The Lightning Kingdon
  • Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition
  • Homefront: The Revolution
  • Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
  • Running with Rifles
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition
  • Max Payne
  • Manhunt
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - July 10th, 2019

Just a quick lil post showin that all the Gamerjuice0 tracks are on NG now and in this playlist https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/4416892fec34ad1d7038e1f75a584643

It's not the exact same version as the on on Bandcamp, a few tracks were touched up after I released them on NG. And there's like 2 interludes missing mostly because they're almost like novelty tracks that aren't worth uploading to NG lololol but pretty much every single track is there if you wanna go through and fav or find stuff you may have missed. I still think this one vry underrated

If you like album pls give me money the album is pay what you want so you can pay 0$ or 10000000$ go crazy https://ninjamuffin99.bandcamp.com/album/gamerjuice0




Posted by ninjamuffin99 - July 6th, 2019

Why tf there so many cute girls online all of a sudden and where did they come from.

Its a mystery


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - July 2nd, 2019

Let's say Newgrounds is no more. Tomorrow, Tom announces that it's being shut down, and by the end of the day, everything is gone. What would you do? Where would you go? What do you think other people would do?

Genuine question. Pure curiosity.

Also I would put this in the forums but uhh woops too late I already frontpaged this newspost lmao


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - June 22nd, 2019

weekend, becase sometimes i worry about you. I hope you have a lot of fun with your friends its the summer time and school is out!


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - June 16th, 2019


AND IT IS CALLED ‘GAMERJUICE0’ https://ninjamuffin99.bandcamp.com/album/gamerjuice0

It’s name your price, so you can get it for 0$ or if you want you can get it for 100$ the choice is yours. Ur boy needs some cash so uhhh drop me some money pls pls pls

It has some new songs that I haven’t released anywhere yet. I’ll spread out the Newgrounds uploads through the next week or so. It’s all licensed under CC attribution or whatever, which simply means you can use it for ANYTHING as long as you drop me a credit. Maybe hit me up on Twitter if you use it so I can show my friends and family how cool I am.

I meant to release this album a while back. About 90% of the songs had most work done on them. But for some reason I just never got around to it. I had a few different ideas for the cover art and title. One was forest pixel art ass shit. I don’t have a draft of that anywhere though. Another draft was an image edit of some Japanese store or some shit. At this point I did not have a name though heheh.



It wasn’t until a few days ago when I had a new concept in my head for the cover, the cups.

I modeled and added cool ass effects to the cups all in Blender.




(First is simple little compositing test, after I already got the cups modelled. Second is the liquids and sorta final render. Third is with additional effects that I added from Krita, very subtle but if you look closely you'll notice them.

I’ll eventually post all the .flp files to Github or something. I just need to get them all organized first heheh.

If you want a lil preview of a song that's already on Newgrounds, listen to 'super en ee ess'





(also shoutout to my boy Carmet for releasing ShoeNan go watch that too since I'm bumpin his newspost down a bit: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/733116 )

(also also while you're clicking things, join this bootleg Newgrounds discord server lololol: https://discord.gg/HzvnXfZ )



Posted by ninjamuffin99 - June 4th, 2019

Last year, around the time the Official Newgrounds Discord server was in it's prime (rest in peace), I made a Discord bot. Did some novelty things, but the ideal use case for the bot was to somehow integrate Newgrounds, and Discord. After about a year of on and off learning, testing, and playing with discord bot and Javascript shit, I FINALLY got a pseado Newgrounds integration going, using the fancy 'new' newgrounds.io API.



Right now, the bot gives you a link to sign into Newgrounds through the Newgrounds passport (official site login so its not like I have access to your passwords or emails or anything) then it can give you specific roles depending on certain things. All I have in right now is that it can give you a role if you signed in, which can serve as a mini authentication if you want your server for Newgrounds users only or something, and I also have it so that it can give you a special role if you're a Newgrounds Supporter. Maybe you wanna rep NG and make a special meme channel for NG supporters only. Maybe only NG Supporters can only use certain emotes (I don't have that set up yet, but it's possible).

What this essentially does is associate your Newgrounds account name, with your Discord ID. It can actually even SURPASS the features of the official Newgrounds API in a way through webscraping. Say you use the command 'fulpStats', it could bring up stats about YOUR Newgrounds account.


(The fulpStats feature is actually already working, through webscraping, but you have to type in a specific user. Making it so that it finds YOUR profile when you simply type fulpStats would be cool. I just gotta stop being lazy)

Future possibilities and features could be a secret chat for say, gold whistles. OR any users with a Garbage whistles get BANISHED AND SHOT ON SIGHT LIKE THE SCUM THEY ARE. Maybe it could count your forum post count, and you can get a special role if you have more than 10K posts. Yes, the secret 10K forum can finally be a reality (if it isn't already.... I'll never know....). There's a lot of possibilities. Have anymore? Hit me either in the comments, or discuss them with me on the bootleg Newgrounds discord. We got a good crew in there and I'll probably like talking with you. So you should join: https://discord.gg/bZYmFbm

Want FulpTron in your server?

Well that's pretty nifty. Click THIS LINK if you want the invite where the perms are set up. It gives him FULL ADMIN, but you know he won't abuse his power. Click THIS LINK if you want to manually set up the role perms. Giving him shit like manage roles, manage emojis, etc. or whatever all by yourself.

Want the shit where FulpTron gives you roles depending on if you sign into Newgrounds and/or if you're a Newgrounds Supporter? Make a role called 'Newgrounder' and another called 'Supporter'. Then it's all setup! Newgrounder will be given to anyone signed in, and Supporter will be given to people who sign in and are also a Newgrounds Supporter! From there you can set up role specific perms from there.

The bot is hosted 24/7 on Heroku. Shoutout to @BrentHeMan for helpin me out with that one.

It's entirely open source and available for viewing online on my Github: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/fulptronjs

It's written in nodeJS, using the Discord.js framework. If you wanna dig into the code to see if it's legit, you can go right ahead.

The database is literally a Google Sheet lmao. All that is stored there is your Discord ID (publicly available), your Newgrounds account name (only if you actually sign in), and if you're a NG Supporter. Oh also a session ID from the NG api, that's kept so that I don't need to send you the NG login page everytime you want to do something with the API.

Most info can be found on the README on the Github. All the commands are here specifically though. I worked pretty hard on it for the past little while. Shoutout to the homie @BrandyBuizel for helpin out too. If you need help with the bot, hit me up on Discord, username ninja_muffin#9104. If you find the bot useful or cool as shit, it'd be pretty sweet if you popped in on this bootleg Newgrounds Discord server https://discord.gg/bZYmFbm

If you want to get talkin with Newgrounds people, I'm very proud to say that this could definitely be the place for you. There's a few stuff specific to this server that FulpTron does here exclusively, like add reations to stuff posted in the creative portals for easy rating/reactions


(Devilish by @BridgeofFaust)

This server (and the old official Newgrounds server) is what inspired me to hop on the project. I fully believe a Newgrounds discord server can thrive (it has been pretty sweet so far) so you should pop in and check things out in this bootleg one: https://discord.gg/bZYmFbm

If you want more cool ass FulpTron features joining in and talkin with people there would inspire me to do shit on FulpTron (or you can give me money, in that case drop some coin to my Paypal lmao im poor)