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finally god bless

EiGiBeast responds:

Figured if I'm late I might as well make it date appropriate.

nothin personal kid but you won daily 1st two times in a row and thats just outta control.

pretty hot and good but very short and simple

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drifting simulator 2018 pretty sweet

good !

music and art is ok, but gameplay feel is a bit stinky. First there's some friction or something on the ground, which makes it so that when you're in the air you go faster, and once you hit the ground it has this sticky feeling. Next thing is the jump, which sorta accelerates up, which feels unnatural, but I suppose in the right context I could get used to it

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I love this a lot. Feels real anime-y and I love anime. The second half in particular, I love that whimsical-ness. Everything about this song makes me happy.

Precipitation24 responds:

I love your art of the game, too. I would like to walk to the edge of the world.
Thank you for choosing me. Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Season.

stumbled across this while going through my feed and it was an absolute treat.
The singing was real good, its goofy, and overall very well made.

GameBoyFireworks responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate the feedback. We actually made an entire 40~ minute album in one night and this was one of the songs. We had a ton of fun, but as you could imagine, once 4am hit we started getting a little insane. Haha!

Thanks again!

This aint half bad. There's some cool little moments sprinkled through, and nothing I'd say is terrible.
My critique is that it more so sounds like a bunch of little tiny songs all compiled together rather than a coherent whole. It goes from one thing to the next. Although maybe that's what you were going for so I can't complain too much. This very well could just be a compilation of little tunes.
The song stays towards middle key a bit, and doesnt seem to often stray too far towards the high or low ends, but when it does it sounds pretty good. So mess around with that I guess.

And god bless you for not using default FL Keys lol

belthagor responds:

Thanks for your review! I updated the track after some tweaking.

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your art is always great! Thanks for joinin the collab

Butzbo responds:

Thanks for the invite!, glad to have joined in time :)


yes this is very good.

I like Newgrounds stuufff

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