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Me and my good pal @HenryEYES interviewed one of the most infamous users on this website in recent history.  We have an hour long discussion with none other than @StaticSkull. If you were on NG back in 2016, you knew his name. He was everywhere. The forums, audio portal, movie and games portal. You couldn’t escape. If you made an account back then, don’t be surprised to see him being one of your very first fans. He was notorious. Maybe you participated in one of his collabs in those days.

His reign ended in the spring of 2017. He was banned for a variety of different reasons. In this one-off interview podcast, me and Henry get into the fella himself, to look back on those days of shenanigans.

Listen here


To help out wit @NickConter ’s game NEAR DEADline and add medals and scoreboards to it, I ported the newgrounds.io Construct addon by rexrainbow to the new Construct 3 API. Technically they have written a Construct 3 version, but there’s a reason why you can’t shouldn’t use that one.

When Construct 3 released, it started out only using the Construct 2 runtime. This basically means that the game engine backend was pretty much the same C2 engine, but running through a web browser. Most games so far have been using this C2 runtime, so the addons have been working just fine. However, last December they finally released the new Construct 3 runtime. Written from the ground up. About 7-8 years after the C2 runtime released.

The way that the C2 and C3 runtime load and run addons are slightly different. Previously the old ‘porting’ process you just added some files and folders here and there, and you could actually keep your code the exact same. But now all that code won’t work, since the runtime is rewritten. Luckily the API changes aren’t incredibly drastic, and it’s not too hard to translate certain things. But if you make a project in Construct 3, THIS is the addon you’d wanna be using for Newgrounds.io support (unless rexrainbow or someone else writes their own addon, which will probably be better than my port lololol), in fact it’s the ONLY ‘true’ Construct 3 addon for Newgrounds.io support as far as I know.

Right now it’s super early, as I’m pretty busy working on my MADNESS DAY game shhhhh. If you wanna give it a little shot, peep the releases page on the Github which should have a little more info: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/Construct3-Newgrounds.io/releases

Oh yeah, it’s on Github, so it’s open source and shit too if you wanna actually dig around in it and contribute: 


And once again, this is a PORT of an addon that the blessed rexrainbow made. I’m too stupid to write code myself, most of the heavy lifting was done by them. Although in the future I would probably throw in a few quality of life improvements and touch up some functions or whatever. Maybe make some certain functions that use less events or whatever so that it’s more viable for people using the free versions of Construct 3?? Who knows. If you do end up wanting to use it, hit me up (@ninja_muffin99 on twitter, ninja_muffin#9104 on discord) and I’ll help you out and update it to make it easier to use. Right now it's pretty rough, but usable. Just tell me if you actually go about wanting to use it, so that I can update it to be nicer to use lmaooooo

Further reading on the Construct 3 runtime stuff




Today I turned 20. That shit is weird to say to me. Most of my recent birthdays I’ve sorta mentally prepared in a way. Like I’ve already felt the certain age by the time my birthday came around, if that makes sense. Maybe I’ve had a certain vision of a “20 year old” in my mind, and I don’t fit it. Like I’m not living up to my own expectations. It’s weird and dumb to think about though, since I just turned 20, and it’s all just numbers and shit anyways.

Anyways that’s all I really gotta say about that, I’m too busy HUSTLIN baby. Thanks to everyone wishin me happy birthday so far, and for everyone who GONNA be wishin me happy birthday through the day. Yall MVPs i luv NG

If you appreciate my stuff give me birthday money or some shit lolol I wan buy new Borderlands game lmao gimme money on paypal or ko-fi I never shill these, I really should I could be a millionaire by now.


bless up crew


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