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Monster Mashing BANNED

Posted by ninjamuffin99 - April 20th, 2019

That's right. No clickbait. No exaggeration. Monster Mashing has been banned. From Steam, that is.


Alright I'll admit that was a little clickbait. I assume you thought MM was banned from Newgrounds, but the game is still available here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/707498

The first little thing that was suspicious was that it took AGES for Valve to approve/review the game. They claim it's because NSFW games require more in-depth reviewing, because some territories ban certain types of games or something like that. HOWEVER, what was much more surprising was when the Monster Mashing steam page suddenly disappeared a few days ago. When you tried going to the link, it just brought you to the Steam store homepage. Personally I was notified by this when someone on Twitter DM'd me telling me the MM storepage wasn't there anymore. Maybe Valve was just being stricter with the NSFW filtering tools? Like if you aren't signed into Steam and saying that you want to see 18+ content, the page didn't show whatsoever. It wasn't until we checked the Valve partner backend when we saw that big red "APP HAS BEEN BANNED" message when we knew the situation. But even then, we didn't. We still didn't know exactly why we were banned. From my knowledge, Monster Mashing was a softcore-ish adult game. It didn't have sex scenes, it didn't even show nips in the Steam version. It had moaning? And shit some very revealing rips and tears in the clothing. On the Steam version that is. The thing that got us? The Vine girl


(Art by @cymbourine , this is NOT the in-game art, but I'm too lazy to actually find it lmao. You get the gist though. Also go follow Cym lmao. The actual art looks a tad more childish but maybe its just different art styles or something.)

They said it was because she was underage lookin. And they straight up won't allow that. Well that's it I suppose. Maybe we can appeal, and we'll either have to fully redo Vine girl, or axe her from Steam version. We'll have to see.

To end on a somewhat nicer note, this makes me very much appreciate the places that allow us to upload the game as-is. No changes, no weird policies. These places more or less allowed the game with little to no changes, so these places are very good and I VERY much love and appreciate them for not banishing us.

Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/707498

Nutaku: https://www.nutaku.net/games/download/monster-mashing/

itch.io: https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/monster-mashing

If you wanna see the slight differences between versions, read this newspost: https://ninjamuffin99.newgrounds.com/news/post/1045960




Put a mustache on Her,maybe that Will work

Gabe newell would like to know your location.

@Rejectdoodles @ninjamuffin99 well,its in Argen....wait

wow.. fuck @Cymbourine I guess

Alright lmao hmu @Cymbourine

1. It's not confirmed Vine Girl's fault
2. You are NOT allowed to be posting these images

1. Its pretty obvious
2. Lol no one snitch shhh

Get your hands together and pray brothers Mofo PRAY also got your back man

1 LOL react = 1 prayer

Reppin' NG for life!!! What a crap move on their part though. They could've earned some serious money off of this when it wen mainstream. Hope it's easy to appeal and get it all back though.

Also lmao @Rejectdoodles

Its gonna be an uphill battle seein as they dont ban games too often. But anything is possible magic is real

Oh dang... ;_;

@BrandyBuizel lol

Yeah that guys a dork lmao

Read this on the toilet... saddest shit I ever took. This sucks, man

fuck em

Mmmonster Mashing magic and miracles! Hope it goes.

i haven't played the game, but it's sad that ur game got banned