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Posted by ninjamuffin99 - January 2nd, 2019

Goodness gracious what a god dang year. I’m late on this because recently I wrapped up one last little update to Christmas ADVENTure, so go check it out a ton of secret work went on it but I won’t spoil too much. Let’s hop right into this dang LONG ASS newspost.

WARNING THIS SHIT LONG LMAO and also maybe shitty grammar and spelling errors, im very tired when i wrote this. Links coming when I wake up im sleepin yall


God damn the year started out wild. For Pixel Day I made OSO. At the time I was working on Must Murder Mommy with PhantomArcade and that was my main focus at the time. I think I started the original prototype while he was at Magfest, and I made the prototype in Pico-8. During development, the internet at my house got shut off for not being paid heheh, but luckily I was living in town so I could walk to the library and upload in time for Pixel Day. I would like to make a sequel eventually, I have a rough story concept that I think would be interesting.

Then by the end of January, I found out about a game jam, called “Strawberry Jam 2” where you had 1 month to make a horny game. At the time Moawling had a little discord server a few people hung around, so I posted the link there. About 1 month and a bunch of development shenanigans later (I’ll save the shenanigans for an official post-mortem of somekind), Monster Mashing came out! Up to that point, Monster Mashing actually only had about 23 hours of coding done on it. I’m a lazy ass bitch but somehow I manage to release games. I feel like Monster Mashing deserves it’s own writeup/postmortem, so I’ll just leave it off by saying it’s the most viewed games I’ve ever made (it’s the 4th most viewed non-A rated game of 2018 at just over 100K plays as of writing), it got me some of that NG street cred, and it got the attention of Nutaku, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) online game distributors/websites. More info on that later.

At the end of March, I released another game. White Only. The gameplay came from me trying to make a simple action game backend shit, and the idea was just some bullshit because I thought it’d be funny to have a game where “you have to kill black people”. I figured I should shove in some pretentious ass bullshit because I love that junk and honestly I’m happy the way that one turned out. Mostly because the reviews are hilarious.

Ludum Dare 40 rolled around in mid-April. I hit up Luis a little while before and he teased the idea of doing that, but when I checked in with him he had to head to New York for that weekend. So last minute I hit up a few people asking if they wanted to do something I think, when I slid into my guy FuShark’s DMs and like the loyal MVP he is, he accepted and we threw together Prom GOblin. We did a postmortem podcast together, so you should listen to that for the full backstory on the game.

May 5th was Pico Day this year, and I released Pico Rising, a Hotline Miami style top down shooter. I really like how the gameplay turned out on this one. I actually had this one in development since before the Ludum Dare, but I got lazy and also neglected it after the Prom GOblin release for a smidge. However I still did get it done by Pico Day! And it ended up winning 1st, although there weren’t too many game submissions. But I’ll take what I can get. That 200$ USD paid for some much needed PC upgrades, that I actually still haven’t been able to do. I had all the parts, but I was waiting for the thermal paste for MONTHS because my mom never got around to getting the mail sorted out, and by the time I got it in late-September, I didn’t have internet and I had to reinstall a bunch of stuff. So I still have a used 2nd or 3rd gen i7 just waiting for me to use since JUNE. God dammit. My current PC cpu is from like 2007 or something god damn.

A few days after Pico Day, I was talking to a pal about my game Whites Only. They told me I “might wanna remove that black people game”. I still find the conversation god damn hilarious because I expected them to be the last person who’d talk to me about that game. I had a nice discussion about Whites Only, and how it may be perceived by different people, how my message might not get across. Actually thoughtful and informative discussion about the game. But like the dipshit I am, I decided to do a color swap on Whites Only, and re-release it as Blacks Only. I still laugh at my dumbass bullshit and I have no regrets. I had the idea for posting these two versions at the same time, but I either forgot about it by the time Whites Only came out, or I got lazy. But at least now they live in perfect harmony. One cool ass thing that happened was the OneyPlays crew played it right at the start of one of their Newgrounds series. The game is very short and linear so they played it all, and by extension about 300K people did too. Yeah imma count that shit. After the vid came out, I actually did a mini-AMA in the /r/OneyPlays subreddit and I was bullshittin around in there. I feel like I was cool enough and my reputation is still somewhat intact after that.

My next game is probably the most personal game I’ve made so far. Kanye West released his album ‘Ye’ at the beginning of June. I wasn’t too big of a fan of Kanye really. I always knew of him for being that guy who does some wacky shit every once in a while for publicity. However I gave ye a listen and it inspired my game “the ninja_muffin2.4 twitter experience 2018’ a whole bunch. I made it in a few days after I listened to ye. I was inspired by the fact that ye was very open and vulnerable. It exposed Kanye and his thoughts more than most of his other works up to that point. It was very introspective. Another slight inspiration was Davey Wreden’s game “Life in the West| (which I can’t find online) where it’s basically a Kanye West twitter simulator. The kanye west bit didn’t really have much to do with it, moreso the gameplay. One laasst little inspiration was the ending in Whites/Blacks Only. In that bit, all the different colored blocks have all these little opinions and thoughts. A few of those thoughts were some of my opinions and feelings, and I wanted to make some extension of that in some form, or a game about the idea of expressing yourself. Thematically or whatever, The ninja_muffin2.4 Twitter.com experience might be my favorite game of mine this year.

At this point the details are very blurry, but over the summer I started work on quite a few projects. I like to call this my “rhythm games” phase because I had at least 2 in progress. One was a stealth rhythm game called “Cyberfunk” that I was working on with IvanAlmighty for Robot Day. Things just sorta slipped after we missed the deadline, however I’d really like to finish that up someday just so that cool ass title doesn’t go to waste.

Another game at that time was a megaman style game, with rhythm elements where you were a scooba diver of some sort. This one I was working on with a few artists, but the main one being Foamymuffin. This project barely got off the ground though but I do have an alternate version I’ve been thinking of that ditches the megaman shit. Maybe I’ll prototype that because I think it could turn out cool.

One last little attempt to get something done during the summer was Ludum Dare 42, which I teamed up with FuShark once again. The theme of the jam was “Running Out Of Space”, so Fu and I made a little game where you had to type in this command line to shift around datablocks and make sure you dont fill up or whatever. There was some shenanigans with development (I basically had to make the game out of some ex-drug dealers house, you can read more here), the gameplay was confusing, and we couldn’t figure out how to move it forward. So it fell apart and we ditched that shit lol.

My gamedev comeback came due to the GameMaker’s Toolkit Jam. The theme was “Genre without mechanic”. So I made a platformer where you can’t walk, you have to jump everywhere, and it was called cityhoppin. I remember the first day or so I just gathered ideas from pals and shit. I didn’t start working on it until a day or so before the deadline. I bullshitted around with a bunch of jump values and different mechanics until I figured I should get to level design. The game design was inspired by “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy” where you didn’t exactly die, you just fell and you just had to get back up. I also did all the art for that, and I feel like that turned out alright. This was actually the first time I’ve ever stayed up all night. Usually I get a good night’s sleep like a good boy. Also I almost never do any sort of work past 11PM. Maybe I had built up work ethic from all those games I didn’t finish. One of the coolest things was having my little crew of pals all try to speedrun cityhoppin. Shoutout to dogl for being a real gamer. One thing I feel like I captured from gettin over it (and other hard as shit platformer games I love) is the feeling of joy when you finally beat it. I do feel like I struck somethin good there, so hopefully I can get around to making a sequel or follow up of it sometime.

Around this time, I got contacted by a “game scout” for Nutaku. He found Monster Mashing on Newgrounds, and said that he could get me and the gang a hook up with Nutaku. Nutaku is one of the biggest adult game distributors/websites, basically the Steam of tiddie games. Funny thing is I actually emailed them waaayyy back in March about possibly getting MM on Nutaku, either as a free game or premium/commercial, but they declined. However this time they came to US. We had a bunch of hold ups with development since then, but hopefully we can get the game out on Nutaku within the next few weeks! I remember the day we got the contract/agreement, there was this satisfaction that I ‘ve never felt before. Like I’m finally in the big leagues of game development and shit. Everything was going to be official, I’m finally getting a game sold for people to buy. So yeah keep ur eyes out for that one VERY SOON.

For some reason, in mid-November I decided I wanted to organize an art collab. I wanted to do something similar to that one advent calendar from years ago. 2 weeks later Christmas ADVENTure came out on Newgrounds. It actually came out at like 11:59 PM EST, right before December 2nd. The release and development of that game was god damn crazy and pretty much everything was done last minute. Somehow things all came together, it was a Christmas miracle really. I’m very proud of how things turned out. Pretty much until it released, I was very worried about looking like a jackass and organizing a collab only for it to not come together and I wasted everyone’s time. Most of my games also have 3 stars, so I was also worried about people dropping out if they see the collab isn’t that well received. I’m doin a writeup about all the behind the scenes stuff, and the process and whatnot, so keep and eye out for that too.

A few days after the Christmas ADVENTure came out, I released “Dedicated to PhantomArcade” which of course is dedicated to phantomarcade lmao. That game came from a discussion I had with Phantom about a certain submission that I personally thought was low effort and was getting undeserved attention. We had a nice and pleasant discussion, and I went to sleep later in the night. Then, at about 2AM in the morning, I woke up and I couldn’t sleep. I was sorta obsessing over the discussion with Phantom, and the submission. I just couldnt stop thinking about it to the point where it kept me up at night. Maybe I had built up stress from the christmas collab, maybe it was leftover stress from earlier in the day. I then had the idea to make a shitpost game around something he said in our conversation. So I had the idea for the game at like 4-5AM, and I released it at about 6AM. It’s a super simple game, so I suggest you do a very quick playthrough. I still find it funny as shit that it somehow got past judgement.

One little side programming thing I did was the Smash Collab credits sequence. I’m buddy buddy with Ivan and Phantom and I’m kinda the hottest programmer on newgrounds right now so obviously i was their first pick for this. I remember I mentioned to Phantom that I was gonna get good at animation one day just so that I could be a part of one of these big collabs, and he said that I could do the interactive credits. I liked the way they turned out, but since I was doing Christmas ADVENTure stuff, and also im a dumb idiot I put the credits stuff off for a while. The collab had to be delayed because of some technical issues, so I had enough time to get it all sorted out though. Maybe at the expense of my sleep, christmas time with family, and also the Christmas ADVENTure stuff. But everything turned out ok in the end somehow. Another christmas miracle (aside from the fact that the Smash Collab was delayed for a smidge, but that wasnt my fault also Ivan release the source to the Smash Collab menu you coward ass bich).



I really wanted to get better at art for 2018. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. But I sure as shit didn’t practice as much as I should’ve. However I do feel like I learned a lot about Blender. I participated in the first round of summer jam toons. I did a pixel art/3D animation that I’m still impressed by. Mostly due to the fact that I did 95% of it in a week. I still wonder what I could do with more time.... With the recent Blender grease pencil updates, I might mess around with that 2D/3D bullshit more.

Another thing I feel like I improved on was my music. When I joined Newgrounds music was actually the stuff I focused on. I’ve been slipping in and out of music stuff, but 2018 I did a good chunk of music, I even released a small little EP on Bandcamp, which really just means I accept payments on my songs lol. I’ve been enjoying learning about music stuff, and also I love schmoozing my stinky ass songs into games of mine. It’s like all these things I’m workin towards is connecting. Although I love working and collaborating with people, there’s something nice about knowing that if I wanted to, I could make a game entirely by myself, everything from music, to art, to programming and game design.

Slightly related to the music shit, in 2018 I did a good chunk of livestreaming. I’ve been doing programming mostly, music sometimes, and a whole bunch of bullshittin. I actually find it easier to focus on stream, and easier to stay on task. It’s like having someone constantly watching over your shoulder to make sure you work. If I could have one feature that would be 100% be added to Newgrounds, it’d be some sort of livestreaming feature. I have a lot of fun just bullshitting around and talking to chat.

Another game thing I didn’t bring up yet was me and PhantomArcade’s game. We did get a good chunk of work done on the game, but it’s been a bit stagnant for quite some time. I really do hope we can finish that in 2019. We started that over a god damn year ago.  It’s been the longest project in progress I’ve ever had. If we could finish it, it would be a nice little accomplishment and weight off my back. Yall tell me to stop being a jackass and actually get back to working on that lol pls Phantom if ur reading this you need to yell at me I aint loyal I always get distracted with other game projects but I do still really wanna finish this lololol



Life was pretty much average all year really. Something I feel like I should bring up is the Newgrounds Discord. I really liked that place because I met a lot of cool ass people there, and honestly it was one of the highlights of the year for me. It really sucks that it shut down the way it did. Really feels unjustified. If I could have an experience like that, I just feel bad for whatever upcoming creative kid who could’ve had a similar experience if only it hadn’t shut down.

Another notable thing is that I’m actually back at my foster parent’s house right now. Last year’s end of year roundup ended by mentioning how I was back living with my mom. Well now I’m back at my foster parent’s so that I can finish up Monster Mashing stuff since my mom doesn’t have internet right now. It was a bit surreal coming back here after so long. I spent the last few years of high school here so it’s actually a bit nostalgic in a way. I used to have so many arguments with my foster mom about me spending too much time on the computer and shit. If I spend too much time on the computer now, I actually start feeling a bit stressed, as if she’s going to come downstairs at some point and guilt me and yell at me for not going outside. Like I’ve got PTSD and shit about this lmao. But so far she’s left me alone. I barely talked to her since I moved back in with my mom, so I caught her up with all the stuff I’ve been doing on our car ride here. All the stuff I’ve been doing on newgrounds, people I know and talk to here. Maybe she finally just understands that I’m not just wasting my time on the computer and I’m doing something with my life to some extent. So thanks to Newgrounds you a fukken MVP

Last year’s post I mentioned that I’d be happy if 2018 was half as good as 2017, and I’d say it was 2x as good. There’s ups and downs but the general trajectory seems upward. Especially with all these new artists on the site, I’m incredibly hopeful for my future, and Newgrounds’. There’s always going to be more cool people to meet and collaborate with here. This place is inspiring like nowhere else. Before NG I didn’t really give a shit about doing art or animation. Even now I wouldn’t call it “my passion” but I feel like I should get good at art so that I can contribute more here. Well that’s enough dweebshit, this took me ages to write and its about 1AM right now. If you made it through you a hero and I hope you have a HAPPY AND BLESSED 2019

Last year's roundup


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 31st, 2018

Yeah this is some real fancy stuff, some top notch programming: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/SmashCreds

If you missed it, I did the credits sequence all in code for the big ol smash collab. I aint even gonna link the collab since its right on the fukken front page huge ass banner and also im lazy hehehe. So download the c3p file from github and go digging. And also tell @IvanAlmighty to do the same and release all that good code he wrote or else he's a coward


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 30th, 2018

first person to reply to this, then sends me their paypal email (via PM) will get 1$ USD

EDIT: BrandyBuizel got it



Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 20th, 2018

Just a quick little newspost

We had art come in late for Christmas ADVENTure yesterday, so we couldnt update it at midnight. But the game has just been updated for those of you who were waiting, get that medal gamers.


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 17th, 2018

Figured I’d share this wild and wacky story since it’s been a while and I find it entertaining now. This one is a long one so buckle up and get comfortable.

Every so many months, there’s a big game jam that happens called “Ludum Dare” (pronounced Loo-dumb darray and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool). I’ve participated in a few Ludum Dares previously. This story takes place in early August of 2018, during Ludum Dare 42. I had no easy internet access at this point in time, since my sister was paying for my family’s internet bills but she had just left her job (actual hero for paying them for a while though). I also lived out of town a smidge, a little over an hour to walk into my small little town. My mom’s car had been busted for almost 2 months at that point too. And even if I could make it into town, I wouldn’t be able to do much since I only had a big desktop PC. So things weren’t looking good for this jam.

However, things started turning around. My brother got to borrow his pals laptop, so that he could download shit on Netflix and whatnot (he didn’t have internet access either, but he lived further out of town than me, and also it was only a few days before when I had perfect internet). So maybe there was still a chance I could work on stuff for Ludum Dare. I had planned on working with my homeboy FuShark for another Ludum Dare (for LD 41 we made Prom GOblin, you can listen to the backstory podcast here). All I needed was decent internet access for a decent amount of time and there was a chance that I could still make something with Fu. Luckily, my mom’s friend was out of town visiting his wife (she was sick at some hospital). His house had real good internet, it was only a 5-10 minute walking distance away, and said that it was cool if me and my brother hang out there to use the internet. So I was going to have full uninterrupted internet access basically all friday night, and most of Saturday. So I packed some things and went there with my brother. My sister also let me use it for internet shit since I didn’t have any sort of device like that to uset. Again, what a hero.

That friday night went pretty well. I talked to Fu about game shit for a while and we had a good idea of what the game was going to be. The next day, I got to work on a bunch of programming stuff, and just worked for most of the morning. My brother left at some point and just walked home. I was still able to use our pal’s laptop though. Few hours go by, and my mom’s friend gets home. I didn’t really know him too well, but he seemed alright. I had only interacted with him a few times previously. Now I should mention that my mom is an alright person I suppose, but she kinda gets mixed in with the wrong people sometimes. I don’t exactly know how my mom knows this guy, but I assumed it was through mutual friends. Anyways, he got to his house and we just sorta hung out a bit. I was able to work on the game and do shit for quite some time and he’d just watch TV or something.

I kept on working for a while, when my moms friend (lets call him Shaun or some shit) started talking to me some more. I really had no problem with Shaun talking to me since I was kinda ignoring him for a while. He talked to me about his wife and whatnot, and he got on the couch beside the chair I was on and showed me various pics and whatnot. I gave him my full attention and listened to everything he said. Then he mentioned some stuff from his past. He mentioned how his wife’s ex-husband was a big motorcycle club gang leader way back in the 60’s or 70’s (‘Shaun’ is probably in his late 50s or early 60s) and told me some stories about that. Honestly I thought that was pretty interesting so I kept on talking to him. Well really, the conversation was ridiculously one sided. I’m pretty socially anxious and I’m not too good at conversations, and he was the complete opposite, just talking non-stop. He told me shit like how back in the day, his brother, who was some drug dealer of some sort, would use Shaun to intimidate, and possibly beat up, people who were duckin on payments or something. Hey I can’t remember all the details and I know jack shit about all that stuff lol.

But anyways, he told me all these wild stories about shit I myself would probably never experience myself about this side of society I guess. Even when he mentioned he used to sell cocaine (maybe it was crack) I was still somewhat intrigued by his tales. However I still had to get some programming work done. I told him what I was doing, and why it was important for me to do the work (the deadline was in a few days, etc.). At that point, I was still using the laptop and talking to people and not exactly giving my full attention to him. And not too long later my mom came by to check on me I guess, and to see if I was heading home that day. I figured stuffs been going pretty well so far, and I still would like to use the internet, so I told her I’d stay for a little while longer, maybe even for the night again. So I told her I was fine hanging out still and she headed home. I was planning on getting on voice call on Discord with Fu when my mom came, so I figured I should stay to do that at least.

I moved the laptop off the couch and I did a little setup in the small kitchen table behind Shauns living room, about 8-10 ft away from his recliner to get a distance. I was just about ready to call, I even told Shaun that I was going to be on call with someone and asked if that was okay, since I am a polite gentleman. However Shaun started talking to me more when I was at the table, so I wasn’t able to call. Shaun was also the kind of guy who was like “interact with real people, the internet is ruining real life connections!”, so I suppose I also felt a bit hesitant to talk to someone over the internet because of that too. But Shaun kept on talking to me, really about random shit I guess. I can’t remember any specifics of that conversation. I should mention that the previous conversation, when we were both in the living room, had lasted about an hour or two. So I had lost out on a good chunk of programming and working time, but I figured that wasn’t too much of a big deal. He’s letting me hang out and use the internet so talking to him was the least I could do. However Shaun was REALLY at it and kept on talking to me, as if our previous conversation just kept on going, even though he knew that I was planning on talking to my boy Fu. Then, the first very noticeable “red flag” was when he stopped talking for a while, and then he walked to the computer and wanted my attention. He told me that I couldn’t tell ANYONE his address, or else he will have to kill people. He told me to look right in his eyes as he said that and told me he was being dead serious. He was probably super paranoid, but even him saying that, along with the other shit he told me, pieces started to come together, and it started to put me on edge a bit.


That’s where the night really started to take a turn for the worse. He kept on bugging me and talking to me when I was trying to get stuff done. It got to the point where he actually sounded a bit annoyed, and straight up told me to go in the living room and talk to him. And I did just that. I got off the computer, and went onto the couch while he was in the chair, and ‘talked’ to him. Again, the conversation was ridiculously one sided, with him just talking and me hittin him with the occasional “yeah”, or a small little chuckle in agreement to whatever he said. One moment that was funny though was when he said something, and there was an awkward silence, and he laughed and said “well say something!”. And I did, and told him what I thought of what he just said, but he just disregarded it anyways and kept talking. Anyways, this time the talk lasted for HOURS. Like probably 4 hours straight he was tellin me shit. He’d often repeat stories he told only 20 minutes earlier. And like the other time, he told me some wild stories about his life, and how he was so tough and could beat people up and shit. But after that warning he gave me earlier, I was a little more unsettled when he told me these stories. It seemed more like he was making sure I knew that if he wanted to, he could beat me up, which was probably true lol. After a while, I somehow managed to gather enough courage to tell him I needed to get back to work. This guy took away about 6 hours of the day from me so far, just from telling me shit. It was about 8PM, and I finally was able to get back into programming. Shaun went to bed around that time too. Everything seemed to be going good. Maybe I could’ve actually gotten something done that day lol. But then Shaun got out of bed and went back into the living room.


This time he was a bit more rude to me. He again told me to talk to him for a while, I told him I really had to get to work on stuff, then he got up and walked over to me, and told me I was disrespecting him or something like that, and he got me once again to get on his couch and talk to him. And again, he would just talk about the same shit over and over again. At that point I knew I had to get out of there just because he was givin me bad vibes and shit. He was probably drunk or something and I just didn’t want to deal with that. Maybe I was safe, but I was constantly on edge because I felt like if I said one wrong thing he’d do some shit to me. It was super stressful. That’s also why it was harder to just simply walk out, because I had no idea if he’d force me to stay or something like that. He was a wild card. Every once in a while I’d head to the bathroom and message Fu over Discord. I sent some vague shit about the situation that may have freaked him out a bit so lol sorry Fu for worrying you. I said shit like I was considering sneaking out the bathroom window, and how this guy was being weird and whatnot. While I’m on the bathroom shit, I also noticed he had a kitchen knife just sitting on the bathroom counter, so if for whatever reason he busted through the bathroom doors, I at least had something to defend myself with lol.


After talking about bullshit for another 4 hours, it was now around midnight. He wasn’t slowing down on the talking however, but I decided to man up and go back to the computer. At this point my priority wasn’t getting stuff done, it was getting out of there. Again, in most other scenarios, I probably would’ve just bounced, but in this case, I couldn’t really find a way to slyly get out of the house. I had told him I was staying the night, it was midnight, and to him, there seemed to be no problem between us. But to me he was some weird oddball who may or may not beat me up and/or kill me. I was a bit worried for my life at that point so I felt I needed to be ridiculously careful with everything I did and said. Things got a little more heated when he wanted me to switch his TV from his DVD player to his cable box lol. I was fixing it up and he just kept on giving me attitude and shit. Telling me I broke it, or that I don’t know what I’m doing. I stood up for myself and told him that I’ve shown him nothing but respect for the whole day, so the least he can do is not shit on me when I’m trying to help him. He got out of his chair and we were face to face, less than a foot away. He was definitely trying to intimidate me at that point. Maybe he said some stuff but it was a while ago so I can’t remember all the details there. But I knew that if I said the wrong thing, he definitely would’ve swung at me. I went back to the computer and we were arguing a little bit. And then he said something that brought the most satisfying sense of relief to me. “If you don’t wanna talk to me, or if you don’t respect me, you can get the fuck out of my house”. That was my out. He specifically told me to get out. Hell yeah. I told him that was fine with me. I gathered most of my stuff the fastest I casually could, and got my shoes on. He began backing up and saying shit like “Oh come on, its raining don’t fucking walk home” and “I’ve had beers with guys I’ve gotten into physical fights with, this is petty” or shit like that, but I just deflected his shit, got all the computer stuff packed, and got out of his house.

Like he said, it was raining out, and it was also a little past midnight. It was summer time and hot during the day, so I had nothing but a t shirt and shorts on. At night it was pretty damn cold though, especially with the rain. Outside of his house I sent one last message to Fu while I was still connected to Shauns internet, just telling Fu that I got out and I’m safe and shit. While I was walking home I was shivering cold. I was actually a bit paranoid that Shaun was following me and was going to chase me for some reason, so at a few points I began running. Shaun knew where I lived so I was a bit worried about that too. After 10 minutes of walking in the freezing rain, I got home safely though. My mom was sleeping on the couch and I woke her up to tell her I left Shauns. Honestly I broke down a bit and started crying and shit. Probably due to the relief of not being at his house anymore, and because of all the stress finally hitting me. I just went straight to bed.

I kept on working at the game the next few days though. I didn’t want that goober to be the reason why the game didn’t get done. And I suppose he wasn’t. Even though he wasted a day for me, the game ended up not working out, even after working on it for another week. The game was confusing, and wasn’t really that fun. I’ll release the demo eventually I’m just lazy lol.

But man that shit was a wild ride. If you got through this whole newspost you a fukken MVP. Sorry if I rambled on and on and gave irrelevant details, I just wrote this shit all in one go lol. Figured I’d share this wacky ass story. I mean I just program games and bullshit around online so my life is pretty mundane, so this was way out of the ordinary and I thought some might find it interesting.

Anyways Monster Mashing deluxe edition coming soon lmao keep an eye out for that. It’s comin to Nutaku and shit so save ur money so you can give it to us lolol.


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 12th, 2018

I'm not doing them, because I'm not a good artist. So just keep scrolling.


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 9th, 2018

Because it's way past my bedtime and I need to get to sleep. I'll see you guys tomorrow yall have a good night


1 ZZZzzz.. react = 1 good sleep pls guys ZZZzzz reacts only


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 5th, 2018

I got a girlfriend and her name is the cute girl reading this


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 3rd, 2018


All you scouted artists better be creepin in that unscouted section for the next few weeks


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - December 2nd, 2018


Yall know what it is. Very similar and inspired by the Advent Calendar from 2012, this is a Christmas themed art collab where each day, a new piece of art unlocks! Keep an eye on it as the month goes along!

Super special thanks to @BrandyBuizel for god damn clutchin and helping me finish this. He cleaned up and pretty much redid all my garbage placeholder art lol