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ninjamuffin99's News

Posted by ninjamuffin99 - June 30th, 2022


A recap of the Toronto 2022 Newgrounds meet can be found on the WIKI. thanku to tom for lettin me cook that up since it doesn't have image caps, thank u to everyone who showed up

I'll toss up an imgur album with a lot more photos in full high quality in the morning or so I think.


installling FNF on wendys self serve kiosk












Posted by ninjamuffin99 - May 29th, 2022





College Park on Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada - initial meet and chill (that little nice outside area)


Fran's Restaurant and Bar, 20 College Street (right around the corner from College Park)




I recently moved to Toronto, and I am all ALONE. Toronto is a pretty damn big city, so there’s gotta be a buncho Newgrounds people creepin’ around here. So I am organizing a TORONTO MEET UP!!!!

Idea is we pull up to COLLEGE PARK (near the corner of Yonge and College), nice midsummer day, and then we hit FRANS, a nice little BAR…. that means you MUST BE AT LEAST 19 YEARS OLD AND HAVE VALID PHOTO ID, ALL THAT BULLSHIT TO GET INTO BARS TO DRINK ALCOHOL.

If this meet goes pleasantly, can prob do anotha one maybe in the fall thats more all ages. But for now it is AGES 19+!!!!

Already I’ve sent a few feelers out there, and have a solid list of people rollin’, so it won’t be a DUD meetup.




@ninjamuffin99 (me >.<)










A few of these fellas happen to be flying in, but no pressure on you to do so. In my brain, I can see this as just a lowkey little event for the locals, nothing like some big Pico Day party, just to set expectations and all that. If you wanna make a trip out of it for yourself go for it, if you’re down the street and feel like popping by, also go for it.

If you think you are DEFINITELY down to pull thru, shout about it in da replies. Getting a gauge on who’s coming, and how many people is very exciting and fun heheh. (and maybe there can be some memento for people who pull thru….)


after frans will prob go more hanging around and bar hopping around XD



Posted by ninjamuffin99 - April 25th, 2022

what is your favorite anime?



Posted by ninjamuffin99 - January 22nd, 2022

me and @phantomarcade were interviewed about rhythm games and friday night funkin and newgrounds and it was in a cute little article on WIRED so go take a look we dont do any dweeb ass press shit or nothing like that, it feels a bit self indulgent, but we like to talk about newgrounds and rhythm games and thats what we did in this hehe

also has other insights from people like @fizzd about his game Rhythm Doctor!! The article is much more than just FNF stuff, goes into general rhythm gaming!!!!


(protip if wired website is busted and asks for a subscription or somethin, try openin it up in incognito mode)


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - January 2nd, 2022

i moved to city and made successful viral internet video game and all my hopes and dreams in life came true more people use newgrounds and i started socializing myself more and more and i have learned to better manage my time and money and productivity and I have a general better outlook on life after the many ups and downs of success and fortune when most people do not make it out of the other side, because you cannot comprehend what its like going thru something like this until you have done it and very few people even get a taste of what we have gotten with our success and very few ever will but we keep on moving forward and keep it real with each other I love all my friends in no particular order phantomarcade and wandaboy and snackers and deegeemin and arkoirisangel and henry and mkmaffo god bless you mkmaffo u are a hero and isaac kawaisprite and i am really glad i got to meet and become friends with a lot more people thru 2021 both online and in real life because in real life i have very few and little friends shoutouts to katt from siximpala who shows me around toronto when me and my roommate loganphresh and i lov u katt u and the work u do wit da whole siximpala crew is very inspiring shoutouts to frosstyart i met up with u a little over a month ago for lunch we need to meet up again my friend it was a pleasure and shoutouts to connorgrail it was cool to have lunch with you while you were passing through kitchener shoutouts karlestonchew who i met about a week ago or so u are a very handsome boy and it was fun having u at the place and i lov u foursnail who is a very interesting and charming boy it has been very cool to meet more and more internet creatives this year and socialize myself because for many years i did not socialize myself with real life people i went to fanexpo in toronto in october and i met sabtastic and she was a real sweet heart she gave me a free print i love those skateboarding ducks and also she gave me a free pin and in general she was a pleasure to talk to and i really enjoyed talking to sabtastic about newgrounds and with all that being said i think that whatever weird fame has made me recluse from interactions with online people just a tiny bit but i try my best to maintain and support my friendships but i am but one boy trying to do so much i think about friends i used to talk to and when i do i try to message them and also in 2021 i was exercising a lot specifically going running nearly every single day for a few months but i stopped doing that also in 2021 i have gone thru quite a few woman woes but nothing dire moreso just very funny situations guys you have to believe me i am not an incel i interact with women close to the end of the year i have been seeing this one girl and she is very sweet and pretty and so far so good pray for me im trying my best and i could not have done it without the experiences i have gone thru so i am blessed and appreciate even the things that stress me out at one point or another and thats what i mean when i say that i have a better outlook on things and very important especially when having pretty much life changing moments such as kickstarter or viral success or anything i think you need to remain as grounded as possible and thats why i love my friends who i talk to and have known for years and thats why i love newgrounds because newgrounds isnt weird clout chasing freaks and its not people trying to appease algorithm its people just making good shit fuk u friday night funkin fans who are bitching about week 7 not on itchio bitch its on newgrounds so cry about it we are making awesome shit and that takes time and post this on twitter crying about it haha lol i kiss girls because i love newgrounds so much actually its funny i went on a date with a girl and she asked me what i loved most in the world so it gave me the excuse to talk to her about newgrounds so it is true that newgrounds will get you bitches so keep crying about week 7 tankman not being on itchio we r busy talking to women in real life try to keep up bro, i spend 90% of my life on the internet but the less you spend on stuff like twitter and these social media places the better and less anxious filled your life will be at least that is my own experience i have spent less and less time on twitter since about september and my life is good i dont give a fuk about whatever dipshit friday night funkin twitter drama so stop asking me about it if you indulge in twitter drama i pity you i really do i think you will genuinely have more fulfillment out of life if you uninstall twitter from your phone also earlier when i was writing people i love and appreciate if u r in my life and i interact and talk with you just know that i really do appreciate u as well just u know how it is with these posts where you shoutout your friends its always hard to remember everyone but also shoutouts jeff for being an old bitch but also an old bitch with fatherly wisdom jeff if your reading this go cry about something on twitter lmfao you loser lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao sorry jeff bro u know im just having fun around here and yeah i think that summarizes what i was up to thru 2021 also wait a second i need to edit this post and add something quick at the beginning of december i visited the newgrounds office and left canada for the first time ever in my life i visited phantomarcade and ivanalmighty and spazkid and tom fulp and johnnyutah jeff and we went out drinking with luis and everyone was awesome and i will visit again and that was some awesome shit to end out 2021

have u ever heard of friday night funking.

also this is one of my fav songs of 2021 i lov u isaac


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - October 2nd, 2021

I HAVE BEEN ON NEWGROUNDS FOR 6 YEARS. If you’ve been paying attention to anything whatsoever, you already know that the past year has been very crazy. At this time last year was when we started development of Friday Night Funkin’. I wrote last years post, and then the Ludum Dare began the next day. Started workin on it with PhantomArcade, Kawaisprite, and evilsk8r, and the rest is sorta history. In the context of my Newgrounds experience, something FNF has brought a lot of these drastic changes to how I use and think about the site. Over the year I went from this little NG dipshit who loved Newgrounds, to uhhhh, the most followed person in the history of the website ever, with the most popular submission on the website ever. In the wise words of Kanye, “It’s hard to be humble when you stuntin’ on a jumbotron”. I try to be a good model Newgrounds citizen of sorts, I think most people who know me know I do have a lot of genuine appreciation for Newgrounds. I try to keep things cool and welcoming for the many new people who are joining Newgrounds. I don’t think that Newgrounds is some sacred place that needs protecting from weird newcomers, I think that people who join do so because of mostly genuine interest in the site and culture, and they’d want to be a part of it no less than anyone else. It’s been very cool and inspiring to see all the newcomers hop in recently. It is weird to think about the fact that by now, me and a lot of my friends are these Newgrounds veterans by now. Been around the block and know the site and what it’s about, and been through these different sorta era’s of NG lol.

When I say Friday Night Funkin’ happened because of Newgrounds, I feel like everyone knows that I mean it. It’s at the point with FNF that feels like it’s so wildly successful that it now feels impossible for anything to compare to, like some lightning in a bottle, survivorship bias type beat. I hope that rather than that, people look at FNF and see what’s POSSIBLE. FNF is a free, open source, Newgrounds rhythm web game, in an era when no huge giant hits have come out of Newgrounds web games. Even if people had a SLIVER of the success that FNF has had, say, 300,000 views or whatever. Just a few years ago, something like that feels like some crazy unrealistic expectation. And hey, maybe it still is, and my brain is just skewed. A game with a million views? Don’t even think about it. It can never happen…. Until it does.

Newgrounds isn’t past it’s golden age. People are still becoming a part of the site, thriving, and then becoming very successful in their creative endeavours. I don’t think those types of success stories have ever gone away. Even through the “darker ages” of the site, people like Miroko have worked on notable indie game projects like Gato Roboto, animators from the site have worked with Studio Yotta on major shows like Animaniacs, and Rick and Morty, and of course, AMONG US. With all that being said, I don’t want the take away being “use Newgrounds and you will be successful!”, obv that’s unrealistic. But I think what I’m aiming towards is that to this day, you can still thrive creatively, which can often lead to success. You can be dedicated to Newgrounds without feeling like you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You don’t need to slog through years of pandering to some weird algorithms on other sites until it magically blesses you, instead you can have genuine joy in being a part of a community, as you all inspire each other, collaborate, and become better creatives together. Feels like time has flown by since I joined Newgrounds, like I just woke up one day and I became a game designer, like I just magically learned how to make music. When I joined the site, I didn't know how to program, I didn't know how to make music, and I didn't know how to make art (I still don't lol). All that pretty much comes from years of using the site and just making projects with friends for fun on various whims. Even longer projects turn out to be just projects I decided to wake up and work on one day. The classic story of exactly 1 year ago, I wrote my 5 Years on NG post. I woke up next day around noon, saw that the Ludum Dare game jam was happening in a few hours, and decided to hit up some artists I knew to see who wanted to work on a game with me. I normally wouldn’t have considered him, but I only hit up PhantomArcade originally because he left a comment on my post I wrote saying that me and him should work on a game together again at some point, and I wanted to see if he’d put his money where his mouth is. Evilsk8r I didn’t even know until we started working on FNF, he was tossed my way from a mutual friend we have. But he did awesome ass art and seemed chill. And of course Kawaisprite was sorta my easy go to musician. He did music on Ritz and he still is one of my fav musicians on the site. The most viewed submission on Newgrounds ever came from a whim like that really. Of course we got lucky with everything, but certain successes I feel can be directly attributed to Newgrounds, whether it’s inspiration, our mindset, or the general supportive community we have. I don’t think there’s anything more special to me than when I posted some of the first ever preview vids of FNF, and a lot of the replies to the twitter thread was pals, and people from Newgrounds community genuinely proud of the work that we put into the game over that first weekend. We push FNF to be the best game it can be for us, but we push it to be the best for Newgrounds just as much I feel. Through and through, FNF is a pure NEWGROUNDS game, and that’s probably the thing we’re most proud of with it. Thank u all


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - September 13th, 2021

i turn 22 today and playboi carti (@sircartier) turns 25 today as well, go wish that nice fella a happy bday today too.

I'll give a few quick lil updates. I think I've been doing really good lately. I feel like anytime I say something like that I get anxious that I'm just jinxing things. I feel like if you go through ups and downs it's easy to feel like you've solved all your life problems when things are going good, only for them to fall apart once you sorta acknowledge it like that. alcoholic stops going to AA because they stop drinking, and "solve" their alcoholism. They think they aren't alcoholics anymore, so they maybe have a few sips here and there, and then the cycle starts all over. I do even get cautious about making personal progress like that and sometimes even get stressed about it. Even writing it right now! Could this all just be me falling back into the PITS? Who knows but saying it like that seems a bit overdramatic.

making and being a part of friday night funkin has had it's ups and downs, as with any project ever. Looking back and seeing ourselves get through the down moments fills me with confidence that we're going to be able to make it to the other side. theres a lot of dynamics to making a game, and especially one with the ambition that FNF is going to have. You obviously want to have a project to have very little halt points, but its inevitable. I'm very grateful to have a project like Friday Night Funkin. I think just in past few weeks I've improved a lot as a programmer, as well as a game developer / designer. There's been a lot of prototyping and whatnot I've been doing with FNF, and it's been very much a joy to be whipping fresh cool new things up that no one has thought of and think of how to implement and all that.

alongside FNF, as the year went on so far, I feel like I've become more and more detached from things. first half of year everything was going so fast, and we couldn't pay attention to any of it, so by the time we really could take a step back and see where everything was, it was even more overwhelmingly anxious. less so about the game itself, more so about everything AROUND the game. Interacting with people, not only in the Newgrounds community, but BIZ people, community people like modders, youtubers, streamers. Interacting with GAMES INDUSTRY people, even adjacently, it's all strange whiplash. did you guys know that MULTIPLE record labels have tried to contact us to get some wacky deal sorted out? we neglect those guys generally because we kinda hate them. we like being independent with FNF.

when i say being detached, i mean its almost hard to believe that most of this stuff is real, and if I think about it too much it genuinely does fill me with a good amount of stress and anxiety. I think as time goes on I personally have been dealing with it better. The grind for kickstarter / week 7 stuff was really rough on us. I don't know if I talked about it too much. I would wake up from stress dreams somewhat regularly during that time. I remember one time I had a dream that I accidentally leaked everything and the surprise was all ruined and i felt like a major dipshit in my dream lol. but shit like that. it was VERY hard to think about anything other than the game at that time.

I visited my family back in march/april and for a long time I really felt guilty about it, because all I did was work on the game. Last year I moved across the country of Canada, and it was months and months since I saw any of my family or siblings. I was going through a lot with not just the game, but with quite a few aspects in my personal life at the time, and I felt like it'd be a good experience to go back and visit. But we were heavy into week 7 / kickstarter setup stuff, every day felt like it was just a few days away from releasing. I probably saw my brothers for just an hour out of the week, and my sister for maybe 2-3 hours and we ate sum dinner at our foster moms place, otherwise it was just coding week 7 stuff in her basement as my "vacation". I really felt guilty about it that i neglected all my siblings, and its always hard to know where the line is drawn. all that work was definitely needed for the game, and even if i WANTED to, would I have been able to take an ACTUAL break? my mind at the time couldnt think of anything else. do the ends justify the means or whatever? hard to know the sacrifices that get made. we did get the kickstarter out as well as week 7, and both were awesome. it took a long while before i stopped feeling guilty about that situation though, probably until early august, when i visited my grandparents and my siblings were there, and I took a REAL break from things, and spent good time with them all. after that I think I've really been getting back into programming and game work in a meaningful way, less "PTSD" LOL.

I've been slowly getting through all my Newgrounds PMs. It's funny to be back in March and seeing people ask about week 7 lol. I GOT THE WOUNDS BUT I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH. I try to respond to a decent chunk, specifically saying thanks if people say something nice. i remember messaging the stardew valley creator dude when I was like 16 and to this day it still is really meaningful to me, so hopefully i can pay it forward somewhat. shoutouts to tom too for answering PMs pretty much always he da real one. I cant answer all of them, but i can guarantee that I've so far read every single PM since March now. Slowly gettin thru them alll.....

on that topic i will say i appreciate being a part of modern newgrounds culture and community and im thankful for all the people on this site, and all of my friends. i used to not have any friends so i genuinely have appreciation and love to all the friends i have, whether they're old or new friends.

imma snooze now this was very rambley so if u read thru all dis u a real one. keep it real

my bday wish .... hmmmm........ what could it be......... i'll never tell..........



Posted by ninjamuffin99 - August 15th, 2021

it is a national holiday i hope no one forgot


Posted by ninjamuffin99 - July 12th, 2021


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What would you do if you heard I got it goin' on?

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Posted by ninjamuffin99 - July 3rd, 2021