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Posted by ninjamuffin99 - October 2nd, 2020

It’s been exactly 5 years since I joined Newgrounds. I joined way back when I was in high school, and now I’m in my early 20’s fresh age 21 and shit. I’ve written a bit about my early days of Newgrounds, but this post I’ll write some shit that’s been on my mind lately. Having been on Newgrounds for a good solid chunk of time, it’s interesting to see certain people come and go. I’ve also noticed a sorta new age of people poppin in. People who made their accounts only a year or so ago starting to gain organic prominence from the site. New kids on the block and shit. 

One thing I like about Newgrounds is that aspect that still holds up today, that people can still be homegrown here. I think with the current social media culture shit, we’re going to start seeing more and more prominent artists come to Newgrounds with already established fan bases. But as time goes on I think people definitely need to pay attention to new kids poppin up on the scene. Even if they’re annoying, obnoxious, rude, bad at animating, whatever. I specifically remember early in my days on the site, I was making shitty ass animations, and to this day I’m very thankful that people like @Saminat not only gave me the time of day, but was super cool to me and did voice work for a shitty ass animation I worked on way back. Saminat could have easily been rude or mean or whatever to me, and maybe if that happened I coulda been turned off the site entirely and not got to where I am today. 

Another person I’ll rep for the same reason is my man @PhantomArcade. Way back me and him were working on a game, and I really didn’t prove myself game design or programming wise all that much. But me and him still got to working on some projects here and there and he was real cool about doin shit. Same situation as earlier he could have easily just told me to leave him alone or whatever and it coulda been a turnoff for me for NG shit.

There’s easily many many other instances of people bein cool to me to name them all, those 2 been on my mind lately as I been working my way through writing this post. Shoutouts u boys lov u

It's very easy when you already have some friend group or whatever to simply interact with them only, and that's fine to do so, but I think it's almost always worthwhile to keep your eyes open for new kids and shit. Not only younger 14/15 year olds or whatever, but just people new to Newgrounds in general. I think one of the special things about Newgrounds is the community, everyone lookin out for each other and interacting and talking and collaborating and whatever. I feel like I've fallen into it a bit where I slip on some of the new shit because I already have a friend group and people I know and people who know me or whatever.

It’s definitely been a ride so far, especially though this year. I don’t wanna jack myself off but I do hope I’m somewhat a good influence on the community, even if I’m a little rascal here and there. Love NG. It’s very interesting to be at the point where I can look back on a few years of NG, see how the site and culture has changed. I do think it’s on the rise, and it’s been very inspiring to see fresh blood. People still discovering Newgrounds shit, not only through nostalgia. I guess I’m somewhat in that category, but I think it’s still interesting. 

Anyways some cool swag updates of what I been doing, I been hustling on a COOL ass animation. Won’t say too much about it but it will definitely be awesome and one of the best submissions of the month when it comes out yeah probably.

Lately I’ve very much been stressing about a lot of things. It’s very nice and pleasant to be writing things out like this. Everyone knows this year has been a bit of a doozy. I been having horrible sleep schedules and shit, bad work ethic, and just going stir crazy in general. Slowly workin my way through it, comes and goes yall know how it is. I been trying to ease up on balancing a billion different projects. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it all just crashes and nothin goes thru. Showbiz baby. Lately just have been focusing on this one single animation and have been able to make some good progress on it, so it’s been nice to have more or less 1 main project cooking, even if just THAT can become overwhelming at some points. Everyone is probably all burnt out through this year, so I’m probably not alone in feeling all that.

To roll back to the first topic, shoutouts to all the fresh blood on Newgrounds, whether ur some 14 year old kid or some late 20s guy who stumbled across Newgrounds trying to find a community. I’m glad the Newgrounds community ain’t gettin stale, makes me very hopeful for the site. And I’ll say something that I’ve said about last year or so, I’m hopeful that Newgrounds isn’t just ‘some springboard’ into other more lucrative ventures like Youtube or Steam or whatever. I do think that one day Newgrounds can be the beginning, middle, and end. Something that you can ride with for life, because I ain’t ever wanna bounce outta here. I don’t know exactly what that’s gonna look like, so we’re gonna have some more interesting years ahead of us. Lov everyone who uses this site.

if there's any dumbass typos remind me in the morning lolololol




classic tom

A nice 4am read. NG stays interesting with you around Cam, wouldn't be nearly the same without ya. Also, we'll def /finish/ a game together at some point, lol.

I'll take you up on that offer

Agree with @PhantomArcade that you make NG more fun and you make me hopeful for the future.

I used to like the idea that people would start on NG and move on to television and the game industry but when people just move to other web platforms after finding their audience here, it's a lame outcome. I'm hoping we'll solve that one once and for all and NG will be the beginning, middle and end we all feel it could be.

The dream will be real. Just a matter of time before I drop a masterpiece game on Steam, and have it 100% free on Newgrounds as well.

Newgrounds.S.S.R FOREVER

we gon' make NG the end-all be-all Monopoly Economy

Everything by everyone babyyy

Its funny to think that my highlight of the year was basically at the very start with Ritz!
It was such a new and sparkling feeling to jam with someone and basically playing off each other! You really enriched my Newgrounds experience Cam you lowkey motivated me to expand on new horizons that arent just drawing!
And I hope i can inspire someone too out there... NG truly rocks!

Ritz was a very good start to the year.

Congratulations on 5 Years! In Internet years you're Old!

I'm basically in the elderly home by now.

That is so much text. Also subway bread isn’t considered bread according to the Irish government.

I saw that in the news or whatever the other day and that same day I got Subway for the first time in months so I think I'm very easily influenced.

Man you make me feel so old and shit right now. :P Shit. Five years a long time and shit, shit...

Totally agree though. New wave's amazing. Feels like the community's both expanding and evolving; changing into a place that feels both the same and so different from what it ever was before. The essence is still there, though. Creativity. Passion. If this change just happened overnight I'd be probably be missing the old but over time it just feels like natural progression. Hyped to see where this is all going. So far feels like an open road. So many sites just stagnate and get into a dead end but we're just plowing through whatever walls come in our way! Full steam space machine. Hell yeah fo rizzle.

Really relating to those terrible sleep schedules and shit too. Still have an office job I drive to a couple days a week but suddenly it's so much harder to get up in the morning. Used to commute, and could just doze off on the train if I had to, but alas...

Totally burnt out. Going to use Inktober to vent like crazy though. Good luck with and looking forward to seeing that stuff you're working on too! Happy fifth!

Newgrounds gets more interesting with each new year. Love to see it

Congrats man! Glad to have you here on Newgrounds!

lov u

I find Newgrounds to be comfortable home for all the artist and newcomer. I have rough start but it was worth it in end of a day.

NG was also the best place to go after I left Deviantart for their terrible web design update and their business tactics. Dont know how it came to my mind but NG just became my home after that. Still found some good shit in this platform even after discovering NG long time ago.

Also I always see you around here and Twitter and I will say, you do get me bit of chuckle. Hope your project goes well, mate.


amen lov u

@AKA-38CAUTION hello, fellow Eclipse exodus-mate. It is also more fun interacting with people here. NG is more community driven than dA which is more algorithm centered. My art got frontpaged once even I was a nobody.

I LOVE this. I commissioned an animation (which I uploaded last night) from an animator and artist who I didn't know at all, and they did a fabulous job. Then I also found a male voice actor who did a great job and also helped me for free. Neither of them knew me, I didn't know them.
Yall get out of your circle! There are amazing people out there in newgrounds world!

shoutouts my man Wanda lmaoooooo he was showin me that commission the other day it turned out very funny and it made me lol

cam is so cool :'D

yeah basically

You've made NG a more fun experience by being here and doing your thing. You a cool guy and I'm excited to see all the cool projects you got down the line, hell yeah baby.

Newground is pretty sweet, lois

swag city

Congrats bruv. I bless u more content and collabs

Damn I though you joined in the same year as that of Realfaction/JohnnyGuy, ParagonX9, Waterflame and the salad fingers guy

im FRESH in da scene

Thought u were here way longer than that dude.

we out here still FRESH BLOOD. I didn't touch the website before 2015 or so.

Definitely agree with this and I’ve only started using Newgrounds this year and I SUCK

its okay Newgrounds will make you not suck

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