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I guess if you call it a new years resolution, I really wanna make more animations. Like I love doing art but animations are so fun for me especially when I can go all out. One of my favorite things to do for animations are action scenes and I'm hoping to at least get a animation done in March. I'm still practicing lol

Practice much more art

I stopped spending 3 hours a day playing games that I hate and began doing creative hobbies like cleaning, writing and woodworks and... showrunning? idk what else to call it but It's been fun. Hopefully we're all improve at something this year

probably stop drinking as much coffee, shed off a few pounds, oh and actually finish that fighting game im making.

prayin for u wit the coffee… i been on that juice myself too much lately…

Make a plushie…

Yo, great to see your focusing on yourself. Keeping good physical and metal health are key to enjoying your day to day (and should help with your focus too). I'm in a similar boat too, my resolutions are to keep a better focus on my heath and to produce art more regularly.

finish school, get a job, stack paper

correct answer

Improve on my art some more and maybe get to college

@ninjamuffin99 caffeine is one hell of a drug man

Get confident in my prodramming skills and actually finish an animation

try to being more sociable

i been on that same shit.... sociability really is a skill that you can train for urself no matter how busted ur brain is

Mine is to finish the Game that I have been working on for about 2 years

Getting bitches.

give this man bitches NOW

Mine was going to be front page lol but got surprised with my first game. In a similar boat as you with undiagnosed mental health stuff that stops me from focusing for long periods. Mine are to get that diagnosed which I have my first appointment for on the 27th. Also to get better at programming/ game dev (more ambitious projects... keep an eye out during Flash Forward ;3). Gonna stretch for a weekly award this year. Cool hearing from ya mate <3 hope you slay this year

Mine is to do any work which is tough considering my bad habits and also not think to much about talking to people and just go on do it.

my new years resolution is that honestly i wasn't the best guy but i'm happy that i've decided to take a change of heart. i feel healthier and i went back to an old friend group and i've had a blast, as for my new years wish i just hope i can push out my funkin mod, then do game dev shit bcuz i've had unity on the back burner for a long fuckin while and it would be amazing to jump from funkin to game dev shit.
oh yeah, and get some coffee. i could also settle with some boba tea.

My New Years Resolution is very simple, improve my art.

Going good so far I would say, but then again, I have the whole year ahead of me to further improve.

ur name is derpcat and that is funny and lol

One of my resolutions was to get better at FL Studio and Jamuary helped a ton with that…two of my songs even got frontpaged which was such an honor!

Other than that I guess my resolution would be overall self improvement, just in general.

Wanting to focus more is also something I struggle with; I’ll have to check out that book when I get the chance!

Graduate, since it’s happening in June.
Try getting in to uni
Get a switch
Get bitches doesn’t matter what gender, I’m lonely asf

Read more books

get switches get bitches

I just want to do well in college, also want to improve in my art and animations, i hope you do well this year! I'm going to buy your game when it comes out.

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