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2017-05-15 01:19:02 by ninjamuffin99

Hey all you AIM people, this post is for YOUUU! The top three will message me which games they'd like, and once they pick and games sent out, the runner ups will recieve their games in the order of when they PM'd me (list below). When you PM me, for organization and getting the games sent out as effiecientlly as possible please rank your top three games when you message me :)

Here's a list of games: 

Claimed by Ectisity Evoland 2 
Stardew Valley
Claimed by Phonometrologist Super Meat Boy
Pony Island
Claimed by NahuPyrope DEADBOLT
Claimed by ChronoNomad Grim Fandango Remastered
BADLAND: Game of the Year Humble Deluxe
Claimed by Arbelamram Savage Lands (Early Access)
Mini Metro
Bit Blaster XL
Claimed by Spedezer Assault Android Cactus
Odallus: The Dark Call
Claimed by ConnorGrail Technobabylon
Claimed by PrimaLightMusic Refunct
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Claimed by Kalviter Nuclear Throne
Human Resource Machine
Rust (Early Access)
You Must Build A Boat
Shelter 2
Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Claimed by MactaMendax Arma 2 (with 4 DLC’s) 


Runner Up PM order:

ChronoNomad (Chose Grim Fandango)

Ceevro (is donating his choice to Real Faction)

kalviter (chose Nuclear Throne)

primallightmusic (chose Refunct)

arbelamram (chose Savage lands)

ConnorGrail (chose TechnoBabylon)

Phonometrologist (Claimed Super Meat Boy)

NahuPyrope (claimed DEADBOLT)



2017-05-01 00:10:17 by ninjamuffin99

It`s Pico DAYY. And man I`m late to the party. Anyways, this is my second Pico Day, and first time submitting something to it... NEWGROUNDS SIM 2017!

I`ve been offline completely since last Thursday and man it feels good to be back. I look forward to viewing everyone`s submissions!

Game Dev Shenanigans

2017-04-17 20:52:17 by ninjamuffin99

What up New-Grounds People™ ? Today I'll talk about my latest game dev shenanigans.

So for the past little while I've been working on a game for Pico Day. It's a remake of AfroNinja's Newgrounds SIM, and I think I may have talked about it in the last post maybe. That's been coming along pretty well, but my schedule/milestones or whatever you want to call it has been pushed back by a week because of a school project I've been working on. Luckily though, it's a game! It's more of an informative game based on a famous artist. I've been sorting out the copyright stuff, and I think I WILL be able to post it onto Newgorunds! I'm finishing it up right now and it should be posted some time this week.


After I post the Pico Day game, at the end of the month or so, I'll take a break to work on some unfinished things like an animation, and I'll be editing a video for HIRO NO HIRO, a DBZ Super Abridged channel (Sub here: . Hopefully though I'm not too busy to participate in the Construct game jam, because I've had an idea for a game and needed an excuse to make it :p 


EDIT: A few things i forgot to mention too. Ludum Dare is coming up and I may make something, and also in May Adventure Jam 2017 is happening so look out for thooooosee....

Howdy Newgrounds, I'm here to update you on my latest shenanigans I suppose.


AIM CONTEST: The Art Inspired Music Contest has begun and I'm the "tresurer" or something, which basically means the prize guy. I've donated a buncho games, so make some yummy music and you could wiiiiinnn!

PICO DAY GAME: Last year I had an idea to remake AfroNinja's Newgrounds SIM from 2005 or something. I played around with it but eventually ended up not workign on it because of other projects I had going on at the time. I've decided Newgrounds SIM 2017 will release this Pico Day! Well that's the plan anyways. Since last year I've learned a whole bunch about HaxeFlixel (what I'm using to make games) and programming in general. So I think I'll be able to pull it off by then. I'll be posting updates to my twitter @ninja_muffin99 , and the source code will be on Github for all eyes to see.

ANIMATION: I've been working on an animation since last December on and off. No new updates on it other than I am still working on it.


As I type this I'm at my grandparents house. It was here where I experience many classic flash games such as Toss The Turtle, Pokemon Tower Defense(I should replay that I loved it), Miami Shark, etc. They still have Windows XP so I feel like I've gone back in time to when I was a 11 year old kid browsing the internet for fun flash games to play. I was just thinking about it since now I'm here programming my own flash games. Feels like it's gone full circle or something. Anyways good luck in the AIM contest all and I'm really looking forward to Pico Day!

I've been busy boy

2017-02-02 12:27:11 by ninjamuffin99

Yesterday I've fixed up the code for a game I made in Mid-December, I've never posted it to NG so here's the game: not much to it but I like it. I did all the pixel art myself and i think it turned out alright. I got the music from @Realfaction 's Fischer OST, for a long time I've wanted to do something with it. Check it out:

It was made basically in a weekend for the SelfCareJam on, thought a few people may like it.

In animation news, I've been slowly getting this Christmas animation done, it's basically all down to me getting shit done at this point.

HuniePop is a really good game, and everyone should play it. Or just go listen it's sweet music.

Tha tis all. Have a nice lil pooch



news post number 2

2016-12-19 15:46:49 by ninjamuffin99

Plans for the next month or so 


Probably going to make a game in PICO-8 since I haven't used it to much since I got it. I'll try and make the music as well, and if that happens I'll post it to Audio Portal for others to use as well.


Getting the clean lines altogether, but dang I'm gonna have to finish it in <aweek to have it done before Christmas wish me luck all. I might not be as active here until then, and if you see me around yell at me to get back to work!

man im pretty sleepy

2016-12-05 03:42:05 by ninjamuffin99

this is just a random bullshit newspost because I'm procrastinating sleep at the moment

Basically I've been working all day on this game jam game that's supposed to be finished soon, and I had a bug that stopped me from working all day. I just recently fixed it and now I do not want to sleep. You can check out the source code here: 

nothin else to say i suppose go home

Here's some stuff 

Madness Descent: I finished Madness Descent and it came out to mixed reviews, no biggie, but that's not what this part's about. I've released the FULL SOURCE CODE to the game on GItHub HERE:

I did have another thing of it on Github but I wasn't paying attention and I uploaded a version with the Newgrounds API keys and stuff in the files so woopsies guess you cant see my process.

50 Shades of Pizza: I've slowly been working on this and I don't have any idea when it'll finish, it's not even much work I'm just lazy lol

Christmas Animation: I'm doin a little christmas-y animation yea you heard me right. Currently workin on the storyboard thing.

Cool Uncle: My uncle is a cool dude check out his hot jams:

Small giveaway

2016-11-12 15:46:35 by ninjamuffin99

I'm bored today so guess a number between 1-100, and you may win a game!

Optional: Link me to a good song in the audio portal or something

I will pick 2-3 winners depending on  how many people enter and who wants what.


  • Broken Age (CLAIMED)

  • Grim Fandango Remastered

  • Lumino City

  • Massive Chalice

  • Titan Souls

  • Assault Android Cactus

  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack

  • Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition

  • Please Don't Touch Anything

  • Space Engineers (Early Access) CLAIMED

  • You Must Build A Boat