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hey thanks I really like this

It's stuff like this that makes me happy to be a part of Newgrounds

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the sound design gave me anxiety and stressed me the hell out and I haven't felt that way over an internet video before so BRAVO

Ignat-PabloGreens responds:

thanks, amazing without even being a minute

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holy shit I love this. I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks thank you

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Hell yeah this is great. I actually got stuck at the last name bit, and didn't know it'd be case sensitive, so I did a bunch of research into stuff that had no importance lol but overall man I'm super into this kinda game.

My complaints though are that sometimes the mouse is a bit laggy, could be for me only, but it made things kinda unpleasant. Another thing is the system folder says there are 4 items when there's only 2? Maybe its a red herring, maybe its a mistake. But that part wasn't really an issue, just thought I should mention it.

But man even when I was going though dead trails (like finding the OG image) it was super cool when I found something that could've led somewhere. With more work you can definitely turn this into something as good as "Her Story", maybe even better I felt like a detective genius

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Deklaration responds:

Oh, that number thing is left behind from the Windows version where there’s also a short atory and a diary. They got too buggy for the HTML5 version. I’m glad you liked it and impressed that you finished it!

I really want to improve my coding so I can make the game feel better and a bit longer. Thanks for comparing it to Her Story, it was a big inspiration for the esthetic.

The only rhythm game that matters

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I love talking about Tom Fulp

artistunknown responds:

You love TALKING about Tom Fulp, but do you love TOM FULP? This is the important question.

fresh as fuuuuuuuuukkkkkkk

Cyberdevil responds:

WOO Happy Pico Day man!

Ballin as fuuuuuuukkkkkkkk

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dang what a very good guy and also very good art

this is all very dang good also why can't she be my gf irl :(

Nene gf very very good good

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FuShark responds:

Thanks gamer. :*

I like Newgrounds stuufff

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