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holy shit I love this. I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks thank you

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Hell yeah this is great. I actually got stuck at the last name bit, and didn't know it'd be case sensitive, so I did a bunch of research into stuff that had no importance lol but overall man I'm super into this kinda game.

My complaints though are that sometimes the mouse is a bit laggy, could be for me only, but it made things kinda unpleasant. Another thing is the system folder says there are 4 items when there's only 2? Maybe its a red herring, maybe its a mistake. But that part wasn't really an issue, just thought I should mention it.

But man even when I was going though dead trails (like finding the OG image) it was super cool when I found something that could've led somewhere. With more work you can definitely turn this into something as good as "Her Story", maybe even better I felt like a detective genius

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Deklaration responds:

Oh, that number thing is left behind from the Windows version where there’s also a short atory and a diary. They got too buggy for the HTML5 version. I’m glad you liked it and impressed that you finished it!

I really want to improve my coding so I can make the game feel better and a bit longer. Thanks for comparing it to Her Story, it was a big inspiration for the esthetic.

The only rhythm game that matters

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Super cool bullethell style rhythm game!

You gotta spend number to make number, that's just business baby.

Move over hotline miami

Very nice and simple game! Art was really good too. Before there was no little heart indicator that helped when an attack was coming but now there is one so thats good. It fixes a problem I had in the earlier version, without making it way too obvious/easy. This is definitely gonna be my go to game when I want to procrastinate. Shame there's no NG API yet for Construct 3, I would've loved to try to get to the top of the leaderboards.

Maybe there could be some sort of "hard mode" with less lives, and the creamy ladies attack faster or somethin. Good game!

The gameplay and AI is pretty solid. At the moment its really lacking a lot of polish. I see a lot of potential in this.

A few little things I suggest is adding just some sort of background music to play, and since the controls are very much like Smash Bros. having up to jump as well :3.

Very neat and impressive for a game made in a few days! The spinning snowball type thing looks odd in this setting but no biggie. I suggest some sort of music, feels a little empty. Good luck with the new city :)

The writing was stupid in a good way(i liked it), but the tutorial/intro dialogue was bland and kinda boring.

Also I think the music is too loud, and out of place.

I like Newgrounds stuufff

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