Using Newgrounds Radio in games! (and other stuff)

2017-08-21 14:46:57 by ninjamuffin99

So what up newgroundsers, here's my updaate of whatever im doing with my life at this current moment.

Last week I went on a trip to Abbotsford BC, which was an alright place. I went to an arcade type place and mostly played DDR, Guitar hero, and the Super Mario Bros. cabinet thing. Fun fact they modiufied the game to add enimies in a few bullshit places so i couldnt speedrun it, and they took out the warp pipes to world 8 in 4-2. Anyways, I was pretty much offline for that week but I caught a few Clock Day submissions. Shoutout to phantomarcade's toon, and Aprime's game that I helped playtest.

Today I began bullshitting around in HaxeFlixel and I did something I've wanted to for a long time... getting Newgorunds Radio working in it! You can check out the demo here: its a little rough since there's a bug where it stops working after trying to change the stations too much. If you'd like to contribute to it you can check out the source code here:

Pretty soon I'll implement it into Newgrounds SIM 2017 along with a few other little things I've been working on and have an update sometime soon.

And finally my Newgrounds Supporter status will run out tommorow, August 22nd! By now I've spent more time as a newgrounds supporter than a non-supporter. I'll probably get another 1 year membership once I get some caaash baby.


Anyways here's a few little tidbits that don't deserve a full section:

  • I started writing a post mortem type thing for all my games up to this point
  • Pixel art is pretty rad and i've been doing a bit more of it lately
  • I've been working on my Steven Universe Collab part and Im almost done
  • I've been streaming animation and game development at
  • I got The End Is Nigh and Sonic Mania who cares eheheh


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