I've been busy boy

2017-02-02 12:27:11 by ninjamuffin99

Yesterday I've fixed up the code for a game I made in Mid-December, I've never posted it to NG so here's the game: https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/sick-day not much to it but I like it. I did all the pixel art myself and i think it turned out alright. I got the music from @Realfaction 's Fischer OST, for a long time I've wanted to do something with it. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pQAD9N51rQ

It was made basically in a weekend for the SelfCareJam on itch.io, thought a few people may like it.

In animation news, I've been slowly getting this Christmas animation done, it's basically all down to me getting shit done at this point.


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2017-02-02 14:19:39

Great game, honestly :)

ninjamuffin99 responds:

ayy thanks yo :)


2017-02-03 02:03:57

not bad :) simple, but good practice for future game design. I feel the character could use a little work on the upper body mostly the head and face, but nice work. The song fits nicely. Thanks for using my song :)

ninjamuffin99 responds:

thanks :) yea I tried to keep it simple since it was a game jam. And as I said I've wanted to use that song in something ever since I heard it :)


2017-02-14 22:30:49

Ya like jazz?

ninjamuffin99 responds:

bumblebee movie commingn 2018


2017-02-14 22:47:45

Follow by the sequel, bimbobeans booby coming 2069