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Friday Night Funkin' is out, and what's next

Posted by ninjamuffin99 - November 3rd, 2020

If you have used Newgrounds in the past day or so, you've probably seen the game I worked on, Friday Night Funkin' on the front page. I worked on it with @PhantomArcade, @Kawaisprite, and @evilsk8r . Go follow all those boys, and then play the game:

Took me a few days to write this newspost, been busy fixin a few things for the game. Scoreboards, lil extra polish, quick little ideas, and then balancing that all out with takin decent breaks and whatnot.

If you want some cool lore/backstory of the development, we originally made the game for Ludum Dare 47, and the theme was 'Stuck in a loop'. I think I woke up at noon that day, and just on a bit of a whim decided I wanted to make a small little game, a rhythm game. This jam I didn’t care about the theme, I just needed an excuse to work on something. I knew I wanted music from my man kawaisprite, and I actually asked a few people before I landed with PhantomArcade and evilsk8er. Before this project, I hadn’t even interacted with evilsk8er whatsoever, he was one of @kiddbrute ‘s pals, and I asked Kiddbrute if he wanted to make a game, but he was busy so and he told me evilsk8er would probably be down. I like to work wit new people, and this worked out pretty nicely if I say so.

If you been paying attention to my stuff, you probably have seen that the game been doin a bit of wild numbers on Twitter when I put out. It’s definitely been a lot to process over these last few months, and there definitely been a few lil roadbumps here and there. But I think at this point I can confidently say we have a solid feel of going forward. It’s hard to temper expectations and gauge what everyone thinks. In the end I know that we’re gonna make a dope ass game, and when that happens it’s gonna be good shit. I been trying to say that THIS Newgrounds release is like a bit of a demo, but it’s hard to articulate it without sorta blatantly putting it in the title or description or whatever. As everyone has probably guessed, we have much bigger ambitions for the game, and I think everyone assumed that to be the case anyways. We did accomplish a good amount of things in just a month for a web game, so seeing a LOT of people really be excited for it, it’s funny to think of what it’d be like when we REALLY release the game we see in our heads. 

Right now there’s definitely been a good few issues people have had with the game that I expected to some extent. Polish bits here and there, difficulty spikes, even some of the visual design. Before it came out I showed the game to a few people and they mentioned that the purple arrow sometimes can feel like it blends into the backgrounds. All stuff like that. This release we’re definitely going to improve over the next little while.

Next up on the to-do list is REBINDABLE CONTROLS, DIFFICULTY BALANCING, a better scoreboard system (with scores in-game), stuff like options menu (if you want to disable the camera zoom effect thingie that could feel distracting). So there’s a lot of things that I’m conscious of that people have been wanting or complaining about.

I suppose to cap off this newspost, if you want to support this game, toss it money on ITCHIO https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin

OR literally just show ur pals friends whatever. It’s less so about all the attention, but the crew workin on it right now aren’t doing it fulltime, and even BEFORE any of it blew up we had plans to continue development, even if it was just a few hours per week on the side. But every little bit helps. We don’t wanna fumble shit, and we wanna make a good ass game for Newgrounds, while possibly making coin off it to pay for our hard work. Most would probably say we’ve already accomplished the cool ass game part, but this is a small taste of what’s likely to come.

This was a quick little newspost with a rough idea and plan. We’re still figuring a lot of things out, as I said before, this game literally did not exist 1 month ago. Everything’s been happening really fast, and we’re just trying to keep up with everything and stay true to the game. At some point we will have a roadmap for ourselves, and maybe we’ll even share it with everyone. Or we will work on this game in silence for the next 3 years. We’ll see lol

Some creds/shoutouts from me since we don’t have credits in-game yet lolol

Love to @SrPelo, we added Skid and Pump as part of the sorta ‘Halloween demo’, he supplied vocals for kawaisprite to chop up into the music, and he also helped out early on when the game was essentially just some WIP video that was floatin around on Twitter. Lov u pelo

Shoutouts @fizzd . He made the game Rhythm Doctor, and he also wrote a guide on how to do rhythm game logic that I’ve been referencing for YEARS at this point. If you dig through FNF's source code, you WILL see elements of this. This game would not exist without him.

Shoutouts the HaxeFlixel homies, @Geokureli, and @01010111 (Will Blanton lol) for helping me sort out a few coding issues and problems. George gets the credit for the upcoming rebindable controls, the backend shit he wrote for the Ritz DX update (hiatus/coming at some point lol) and I just heisted that shit lol.

Shoutouts @Kiddbrute, he tossed me EvilSk8er’s direction, and also kiddbrute tha homie lmaooo

Shoutuots @wandaboy, @thriftman, @luis those guys r rascals lol

EDIT: also shoutouts Jeff @johnnyUtah for helpin out wit new logo forgot him last nite oopsies srry jeff hheeh

Love to anyone who loves the game. It been a crazy ass month.

Go play the game, and as always, the game is 100% open source on my Github:





Comments (30)


Finally made the rhythm game, been 3 years of waiting

the prophecy is being fufilled


Can’t speak for Wanda and them but I will anyways, we r proud of u. It’s been a wild ride being friends and seeing you take one bite of things.

This was that crazy thing you were working on eh! Bookmarking for whenever there's time to play for real, looks dope!

this game is full of jam and funking,and so are u

Awesome nutrients! So cool to finally see it on NG.
Always coolibert to see jam games continue development. I haven't done anything like a rhythm game and it definitively looks far from an easy task.

You're great and Wandaboy is ridiculously talented. A NEWSPOST FULL OF GREAT PEOPLE!!!!

Just keep doin what you're doin boo. :3


who are you

newgrounds man extraordinare

That spooky song kicked my ass, keep up the amazing work lads

Can't wait to see where else the game goes from here on out. Goooooooood shit

the girl is really cute and also the game is really well made.

I will never consider this a true video game till my god dang FAVE tuber on the net, Toby Fr*cking Turner plays this. I am truly sorry mr Taylor, but till then, you have LOST. MY. RESPECT...


i really like this game and the music is a bop

How long did development time take before published?

i wouldnt be able to say, I've never worked on a project like this before!

Great game!
I suck at it

That DingleberryClock update gonna be dope

Your game made me realize how the difficulty setting can change gameplay in a big way.

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