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Posted by ninjamuffin99 - April 2nd, 2020

here come dat boi!

Here's some stuff that I been doin and other various updates and whatnot.


Me and my bastard grandson @Wandaboy talked to attractive gamer girls. We also recorded it.

You ever wonder what brought them to the eGirl life? You ever wonder what would happen if 2 dumbass Newgrounds users interviewed and talked to attractive gamer girls? Then this podcast is for you. For now it's a little one-off, don't worry about feeling like you need to get committed to something. Although we're not opposed to doing a follow up of some sort.

I like how this turned out and I think it's very interesting podcast so go listen chump.


This is just the part where I flex the fact that I finally got a frontpage on a music track of mine lmaoooo


Go listen to P-Bot's Song

I been making music for about 4 years at this point. When I joined Newgrounds was when I first dabbled with FL Studio (which I still use). The audio portal was kinda my first experience with Newgrounds. This is actually the first frontpage I've gotten for a music piece I've made, so it's like I've gone full circle in a way.

Also it goes into my goal of getting a frontpage on each portal section. I nabbed the games section with, well most my dumbass shit lol. I nabbed the movie frontpage with Woah Sharks, and now I nabbed an audio frontpage with P-Bot's Song. Now I just need to get good at art to get a frontpage over there. Then I will be incredibly powerful and basically tom will give me the keys to the website.


In case you missed the big banner on the frontpage, Newgrounds is hosting a HaxeFlixel gamejam. Make a game with the HaxeFlixel game framework, win money. Easy as that. Get coding everyone. HaxeFlixel is pretty much the first and only framework/engine that I have pretty extensive experience with, so I've been writing a few guides and tips for it. Here's an index that I'll be updating https://ninjamuffin99.newgrounds.com/news/post/1090480

The next tutorial I'll be posting later today, if I don't get too distracted by CSGO (shoutouts wanda, @HenryEYES, and @AstralSevenNG for being CSGO addicts with me)


I'm not sure if I've actually mentioned it in an NG newspost before, but I recently got an actual job in February. This is my first REAL job with a regular wage and hours and all that. Because of that, I was also able to finally move out of my moms house lmao. I was gettin sick of her it was time for me to bounce baby. I just work at the grocery store in my small town doing produce and all that. With all this Covid-19 stuff goin on, I did get some of my hours cut, BUT since grocery stores are an 'essential business' when I do go, I actually get a little bonus money. Today was payday and I was surprised to see a good chunk of extra money in my account. I got an extra 100$ or so, and the bonus is literally called a 'HERO' bonus lmaoooo. We out here risking our lives to hook u up with onions and apples and shit.

I also just mentioned I moved out finally. I'm just living in a cozy little basement suite type deal, and I got 2 other roommates. They're girls but I had 2 sisters and my mom growing up so it's not too jarring or anything like that, they homies. Just thought it's a wacky scenario that I'd share lolol.

With this job it's also the first time when I've had regular income of some sorts. When I was living with my foster parent I've had allowances, but that was basically chump change to get lunch and whatnot. I like being able to manage my money, and save up for certain things and whatnot. But I've been buying TOO much doritos. Sometimes I'll eat 2 bags and that shit would be my dinner. Woops. I try not to do that too often though, but damn they tasty...

THIS WAS A SHORTER NEWSPOST but whatever I'm lazy and I'm a CSGO addict I gotta get playing see yall lmaoooo


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Congratulations on getting frontpaged!

movin out on your own.. must be nice, man

god your so fucking hot cam and you live with 2 girls holy sh-

did you know they are black fun fact

You are the Hero!

Got a job? Oh nooooo good bi internet fun :(

its ok i get like 3 hours a week lmao

I'm glad you're doing okay man, congrats on the frontpage. :) Glad you're able to get out on your own and have a job, proud of you broseph. Maybe your roommates would like to hear about the E-girl experience and have you harass them....i mean interview them lol. I enjoyed that clip though.

Also, Ritz makes me want to kick your ass. I rage quitted at 23 pieces of cheese in. But really good design though, it's probably more insane than the "snes hard" days, or just as much.

Hi I need your help I put forum on newgrounds look https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1450660 help :'(

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWuqBnZWc3w :'(