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YALL KNOW WHAT THE F DAY IT IS (not clickbait)

Posted by ninjamuffin99 - September 13th, 2018


I'm in Canada so now I can DRINK ALCOHOL or SMOKE CIGARETTES and BE COOL


all i want for my birthday is more Newgrounds supporter status pls and thank u


Onto that real shit/updates, I've been back on that Monster Mashing bullshit since the team's been in talks with doing somewhat of a "deluxe adult" version of the game for a certain website. I don't wanna spoil too much stuff but it'll get me some of that CASH that I so desperately want and kinda need. 

I also made a small platformer a little over a week ago, called cityhoppin, and you can play it on Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/716556 I did pretty much everything in the game besides make the sounds, since I've also been trying to get back into art bullshit recently too. And I did it in arounda day or two. This was for the Game Maker Toolkit Jam on itch.io, you can check out more submissions here: https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2018 Game Maker's Toolkit is one of the more tolerable game design analysis Youtube channels, so you should go subscribe if you like video games at all: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJ-Xo29CKyLTjn6z2XwYAw 

In other news, I've been chipping away at another project, this time non-game related. It gonna be pretty sweet once I'm done with it and that's all I'll say for now about that heheheheheheh.

Also I'm still working on that game with PhantomArcade lol. Yoo that shit's been in development for almost a full year now! We actually haven't put that full amount of time into the game, since both of us have been doing a bunch of other projects and shit, but we do plan on finishing it and continuing development on the game! We both just get ridiculously sidetracked lmao We both do still really wanna finish this game though.


I'd also like to talk about where I was at this point 1 year ago. I turned 18, and had recently moved back in with my mom, after being with a foster parent for 2 years. Me turning 18 had no influence in me moving back though, since my brother moved back too and he was 16. Anyways, school had started up, but this was the first year that I wasn't going back. I'd say I was pretty concerned about where my life was headed, and if I could do the shit I wanna do in life, which is make video games and shit (for now heheh). I actually didn't graduate high school technically, as I didn't have enough credits (I missed almost all of grade 10 so I had to spend the next 2 years catching up). So I also pretty much can't go to a college or university (that I know of) unless I go back and finish up. Since I'm lazy and need an excuse to not go to college (those dang fees and shit, I couldn't afford it anyways heheh) I just didn't finish up getting my credits. I still question whether or not that was a good or bad desicion a little bit to this day. However today I'm glad to say I have somewhat of a different outlook on things. Like I said earlier, I was working on getting Monster Mashing ready for a site so I can make some of that coin, and that could also lead to further business opprinunities with them or something. And I'm also doing some other paid work, the secret project heheh. At the end of the day, it's not really about having the money, it's more the fact that I'm going to earn it despite my scenario I guess. I also never had a real job, so technically these would be my first paychecks. And man that's some of that good shit that makes me happy.



Also earlier I said all I wanted for my birthday was NG supp status. I lied. I also want a follow on Twitter heheheh: https://twitter.com/ninja_muffin99

One final final note, kinda some cheesy ass news to end this on a good note, but I met this girl the other day. She's really beautiful. It's an odd thing to say but she smells really nice too. We talked a bit and she was pretty smart too. Above average intelligence I would even say. We had really good chemistry then she told me her name, and her name is the girl reading this


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Oh, that was a very pleasant news post. I love your humor and you've always seemed like a cool guy. Also, I'm not sure I get that last paragraph, you were complimenting girls who read this? That's nice.

Sweet! Seems like you're working on some pretty cool stuff. You'll always have options for school if you wanna head back. But yeah, fuck that shit. Save that time and money. Also, happy birthday dude!

Happy Birthday! Be cool )

Happy Birthday, bro! I'm glad to see you're being able to work with what you wanted and earn a paycheck for that. I hope the future brings you great things!

Heppei birdei ter yer

Happy birthday gamer!
Heres to Monster Mashing 1 - 10

the best video game series ever

Heart warming. The ending made me tear up a little. Happy Birthday!!

movie adaptation coming soon

Happy Birthday!

I have yet to beat cityhoppin, I got really mad at it but it's pretty well made. I hope you have a great birthday!

only real gamers are allowed to my party srry

Happy birthday!

look at all this love for cameron

its because im very cool

Oh, happy birthday, pal!
I wish you a great luck and health. Also money, a lot of them.

@Xuvero more like I had to force him

@BrandyBuizel Then keep on doing that!

happy day
and about
"You have to be close to perfect to get faster than my time"
i did it
i beat cityhoppin speedrun