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a tragic post of unbridled rage and sadness

Posted by ninjamuffin99 - August 18th, 2018

some god damn bullshit happened like 10 minutes ago lol and its gonna ruin this week for me lmao, im still emotional while im writing this. It's nothing too serious but god dammit its awful lmao.

sad and/or crying reacts only pls

So the story starts a few months ago. I won Pico Day 1st place for my stinky game Pico Rising. I got 200$ (about 260$ CAD for me) and I decide to buy some nice things for myself. The main thing I buy is new computer parts, since my mobo, CPU and RAM are straight outta the mid-2000s. So I buy some used, older i7 along with a few gigs of ram and a mobo to support it. I had some cash left, so I decided to buy my friends headset. An upgrade from the shitty headphones that came with my moms phone I've been using for almost a year up to that point. I got a good deal on them (I paid around 50$ CAD I think) since the included extension cord that plugs in via USB didnt work anymore. Remember this bit.


Fast forward to today. My brother had borrowed his friend's laptop, so we didn't have to share and take turns on our computer. He's into CSGO and watches a bunch of streams and such for it. One streamer was hosting a giveaway today, for HyperX headphones. From what my friend told me, they were 200$ or so. My brother ends up entering the giveaway, but probably doesn't expect to win, since he's been around the block before in terms of giveaways. He was waiting on our mom to give him a ride into town to his friends house. He told me about the giveaway he entered, which reminded me that I should try getting that broken USB headphone extension cord working, since I didn't try too much before. So I plug the cord in, and surprisingly, the light on it lit up! But there was no sound coming out. My brother went into town with my mom, so I was still trying to fix the headphone stuff, trying to figure out drivers and shit.

I thought the giveaway was something like they'd email you, but it was one that was being hosted live on Twitch. My friend was watching, and he was DMing me a bunch. I didn't read those messages immediately, because my headphone sound wasn't working, because I was trying to fix them because I was getting sick of having a tiny ass headphone cord. Turns out he was messaging me because I won the giveaway, but since I didn't claim the prize within a minute, I was disqualified: https://clips.twitch.tv/FineBrainyMosquitoAMPEnergyCherry

Here's the Twitch clip. I think I saw the messages on Discord exactly when it ended, or very close. I should mention that it's nothing personal against this guy, he did nothing wrong lol. But god damn, it might sound stupid and immature or whatever, but I had a little breakdown after this happened, because it just felt like I'm just doomed to having nothing nice for myself ever in my life (I still haven't been able to use my new PC parts, because the thermal paste is still in the mailbox, and the mail key is in my moms car, which was stolen by her ex-boyfriend, and now it's broken down in the next city over and she hasn't bothered looking for it or getting a new mail key). I was ridiculously mad, and dissapointed, and sad all at the same time it was so stressful.



In the end, I know this is a bad state of mind to be in. So I know I still gotta appreciate things in my life currently. Years ago, I only had a shitty laptop to play games and do shit, then I worked and saved up some money to buy and build my current PC. I have more instances similar to this, but I don't wanna write shit out right now lol. But most importantly, I gotta appreciate that I have Newgrounds, or else I'd be shouting this into the void of Twitter or some other garbage site, where no one woulda listened lolol.

But those new headphones still woulda been nice lol


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Oh man. Despite the tragic undertone (and overtone when you read through this) I can't help be somewhat inspired by your arrivating vocabulary in the title there! Sad times inspire some good things, sometimes...

Real bummer about those headphones man. Never heard of giveaways that are that immediate! You got good things going on too though: that prize money! New parts to get started with right? Did you manage to fix the headphones you have?

well the headphones still work, its just the extension cord that I was trying to get fixed at the time, which still dont work lol

A-A-A-A-A! This is freaking endless pain!
Hey, 200$ -it is pretty good pirize for a 1-st place!

I want you to know we are all here for you, every step of the way, in order to get through this.

thank you for helping me through this grieving process

hey, the fact that you've lost the giveaway's prize (headphones) sucks alot, but dont despair: you will get something the next time.

plus, its VERY stupid of them to disqualify anyone who's not responding within a minute or so from winning...

the correct thing to do, would be to send you an e-mail that you've won, and they should give you a 1-3 days ''window'', so that you can have the time to claim the award+to fill them in on the shipping details, and whatnot...

so yeah, they are WRONG, and this sucks in twitch-styled giveaways, but hey, the good news are that you've won a NG award +200$ for your pico-day game...
few people can have this glory (and such a prize!).

so, thing are going well for you, my friend.
who knows? soon you will win more and more stuff on NG, so you're already winning the big race.

stay cool, and try to relax. next time, always check your DM's/PM's, tho.