Programming Shenanigans and Game shit

2017-11-22 04:26:13 by ninjamuffin99

What's up new grounds. It's late at night so I have nothing to do but neglect sleep. Anyways here's little bits of updates and info for you

Still working on that bigger game project, hopefully it'll be done early next year.


LD is next weekend and I'm gonna most likely get something out for that. Absolutely nothing is planned for it in terms of people I'll be working with.


I had a Christmas animation I completely forgot to work on this month woopsies. And also a Pixel Day music video OOPSIES.


I've been messing around with a bunch of programming stuff, like working with Unity and C#. I still know shit all about Unity but I can see myself using it as a 3D game engine in the near future. I've been messing around with Blender more too so maybe keep an eye out heheh. But also I'll probably check out Godot once their 3.0 release is stable or something since I hear that the 3D will be improved a lot in that release. Tonight I tried to get C++ and SDL working but either Visual Studio messed something up or I got legacy files which aren't compatible or IDK but oof every single time I try learn C++ shit like this happens. I really want to learn some low level programming stuff one day. Tomorrow I'll try mess around with Kha It's written in Haxe so I'll probably be familiar with it since I use HaxeFlixel.


And to leave this off, yall can check out 1 hour video by Jonathan Blow, on techniques on dealing with lack of motivation, malaise, depression. This guy made Braid, and part of the team that made The Witness so he's some hotshot I guess


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