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Hang in there man. I know there's been a lot going on with your life that's made it rough but you've always been cool. I wish more people knew more about who you are, before FNF even. You've been generous donating prizes to my contests in the past, you're a funny and chill guy, but sometimes you've gotten yourself into some trouble with statements you've spouted for fun, and I sometimes get concerned.

Sometimes I've said things that got me into trouble too though, and hey we all learn from our mistakes. As for the "cancelled" thing, I'd say the majority didn't see you in the wrong, but those who did just had a misunderstanding, understandably it was all about wording. I haven't been the best at wording things either sometimes, translating thoughts in a way that doesn't appear confusing to me can me hard sometimes. I've learned to do better though based on those experiences, I can imagine it's much harder being in the spotlight as much as you've been.

But it's like I said, hang in there man. You're doing good, and you're a good guy. It's a shame you couldn't get anything done for Pixel Day, but hey you've been rolling out good updates. If you ever need a buddy to talk to, I've got your back man, hit me up anytime. You'll always have a friend in me.

There's no need to feel guilty about your success with FNF. You, Phantom Arcade, Kawai, and everyone else helping with the game deserve the success. Plus fuck Twitter, the loud minority of kids blabbering about how shit of a person everyone is are just a result of the shitty culture the site has. Most people on Newgrounds support you and love you, please remember that. We love you, mang!

somethin like funkin is something i've been dreaming would happen to NG for a long while. when we talk about funkin, I don't just see it as your cool thing, I see it as newgrounds, which I could talk about forever, baby

very well said

I hate the game, I suck at it and I don't find it fun. Haters gonna hate me for that one.

What I do love is how it's brought attention to your team. I get so pumped when someone makes something so big. You deserve all of the recognition and I hope this only makes you guys super successful from here on out. This is literally my hope for all creators. It brings such joy to me.

While I might not be interested in the game specifically, I am interested in your success and happiness. I hope you never stop, I want to hear about it it every day forever.

lov u fro teehee

I figured it'd be overwhelming as fuck for anybody not expecting it. A dedicated modding community, animation community, etc. You've really made something special.

Sorry to hear about your down time at such a pivotal time. Hang in there and good luck on the game! S'really grown on me.

whatev else happens, just keep in mind you helped revive ng. you’re doing great man, dont lose your way

It's been amazing what you've been able to do with FNF, and well, it's changing NG history. It can be a little scary thinking about it all, but at the same time, you're still an NGer, and you're one of us mate, so feel free to reach out. It's always a pleasure talking to you mate, no matter the topic.

And HOPEFULLY, a few of us can do that train trip after some other fires in the world are put out.
Cam = Fam
Love you man!

bless up appreciate u dyingsun i do gotta make a better effort of catchin up wit a few of the homies INCLUDING U MY BAD

You've done NG a great service by making good shit but still staying real through it all.
Most people usually lose theirselves once they find big success like FNF got.
I'm sorry to hear you've dealt with the curse of not wanting to talk about your own strides too, a heavy inner conscience can be a great help and also the worst advisor on the planet at the same time.
That being said, I'm sure the grand majority of people who enjoy the game and/or NG appreciate everything that you've done for both.
Keep being awesome, man.
It's rare that you find a dev who keeps being chill in stories like this.

I think people have a hard time being around someone in a higher or better position than them. It's like whenever rich people say they have problems, everyone dismisses it because they're rich. Obviously you aren't like filthy rich or anything but the sentiment still stands. People in any sort of good or better position are treated like they aren't people. I understand why people think that way, but I don't think people realize that everyone has problems. Everyone is human. The moment you talk about you success, it's almost as if people don't want to see you happy because you aren't like them. There always will be people like that in your face, trying to get to you. Maybe even some that pretend they're a fan but are actually against you. But for every single person that's against you, there are 10 on you side. Like you said, whether you can see them or not, there are people that like you. There are people that want to see you succeed.

in conclusion life is like among us, there is always an imposter

I'm going through alot and this game is helping me take my mind off things. I appreciate you and the others for making such a trill game.

there should be a therapist for successful game devs

he would ask you things like "did you use your popularity to snag a gamer gf yet? no? theres your problem"

Some people love success stories and there's no cooler ones than those that feature people you actually got to meet along the way, for others it might trigger an innate sort of "why them and not me?" reaction and they'll act accordingly. Heck they can feel both ways at the same time, i know have on different occasions over the years.

You'll get used to it,

This sort of big change in someone's life tend to be very confusing, it's kinda hard NOT to talk about the changes going on in your life, I just think that if you just spend your time how you'd like to spend it and not spend too much time overthinking things, things just kinda end up being better.

What you and your team do is great and I think it's positively affected a lot of people, and I know that you guys will continue to do funny things.

Appreciate the people you know and have fun with them, that's probably the most important thing. So keep on going on dude

You’re doing great man, and a a word of advice : a bit of a break never hurt nobody. Rock on my guy!

I'd been wondering, honestly, if it had gotten TOO popular and overwhelmed you. I was happy for you but at the same time was thinking, "Damn. I bet he'd just like to catch his breath!"
We're very proud of you here. Put your mental health and personal life above all else----ALL ELSE!!!!
We love ya!!!

Yeah, February def been the month where I been catching my breath so far. Slowly gettin used to it all, takin it easy a bit

Always happy for you dood, the reason I try to work on every game that you make is cause i just love the stuff you do and the time spent working with you. I'm glad you finally got the recognition and even more so finally made the rhythm game you deserve

With how big this game has gotten and how much work the fnf crew has put into this, a lil bragging here and there is absolutely warranted lol. Totally understand that it may feel like you're bragging too much or whatnot but I'd say most of us love talking about the game and I love seeing you guys making it big right now hehe. Hoping the rest of the year plays out well and this will be more of a positive experience for you and everyone! Also been fun getting cancelled along with you in all those call out posts lol lol sorryyyyyy (Hopefully those stop soon!)

wait are you snailpirate from those tweets????

hmmmmmm..... i guess for now i will let you comment on my posts.... but if i see you being problematic anymore..... i am going to have to consider my options........

Would you like it if I gave you big smooch? Like a big wet one? I'll make your cheek soggy for days, Cam ;)

Okay so I hitchu up in DMs to talk ya through this but basically remember the following...

All this stuff. All these internet points. IRL points. All of it. Visualize it, right. And think about this:

There's people who are always gonna be "bigger" than you, people who are always gonna be "smaller" than you. There's people who walk in on like Pico Day with 500k followers. There's people there who are millionaires. There's people there who are Tom Fulp who is like basically both.

Aint none of it actually truly matters at the end of the day.

And when we all meet up, it's just the boyz hangin out. Doesn't matter if you're a muffin or a pelo, a fulp or a squid. Doesn't matter how many views you got or nothin. As long as you keep it real, it's literally the only thing that matters.

There's people out here who DID get ostracized from the NG community but it wasn't their success that did it. It was their personality. It was that refusal to be real and act like they somethin else. That was because somethin in themselves was rotten from the get go, and they never dealt with it, and it became their identity and nobody was with it.

I know you aint gonna be that guy. You still a muffin at the end of the day. This guilt, despite it not being the right way of looking at it just yet, is a sign of something healthy that'll come later - modesty.

You a good dude, you always have been. Just keep it all in check. I know FnF is the big thing rn, but all things DO pass, for better or worse. I wanna be sure you're gonna be okay when it does, and part of that is gonna be askin yourself the big questions rn. I know you will. I know you're gonna be aight. I believe in ya, and so do all your other NG friends.

Happy Valentine's Day Cam

lov u kruno happy valentines day hehe

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