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New Game thingngn

2017-10-16 19:33:09 by ninjamuffin99

What up newgrounds. Looks like it's halloween time. Speaking of which, check out this little  art tool/game I made over the weekend: GES TURED

And check out the source code if you want, it's made in HaxeFlixel:

I'm planning on doing a small game every weekend, starting development on Friday, and ending sometime on sunday. If you're a supporter you can check out the progress/previews in the thread I made in the Supporter Party forum.

Anyways for general updates:

Last newspost I mentioned I might be heading to Full Indie Summit this Saturday. Well now it's very unlikely that'll happen since my mom's car broke down yesterday so uh oh there's always next year.

I'm also in the middle of the Halloween game I'm doing, which may or may not be super spooky. I'm hoping to have it finished a few days before Halloween.

Anyone going to Full Indie Summit?

2017-10-05 06:02:07 by ninjamuffin99

Full Indie Summit is a little indie game dev thing on October 21st in Vancouver BC Canada. There's going to be a bunch of presentations and such. Even a talk by Tommy Refenes of Super Meat Boy fame (and also Grey Matter here on NG: ) and it's successor/sequel Super Meat World.

Anyways to get to the point there's a possibility that I might go since it's like a small little road trip to Vancouver from my town. So it'd be kinda cool to hang out with other Newgrounds fellas or talk or something. Who knows maybe we can be PALS. I've only ever met one other person who has been on NG before and that was when they were in high school (early 2000's) and it was rad talking to them about it. So 

Rhythm Game (wit source code)

2017-09-24 02:44:25 by ninjamuffin99

What up all. Today I made a rhythm game in about 4 hours and check it ouuut

I wanted to make a rhythm game for such a long time, and I wanted to make one using @AliceMako's "Grid Builder" for a while too! Real great song

I've started coding rhythm games so many times before, but one way or another I've given up on them. But recently there's been a music game jam on and I felt I should atleast try fully this time. 

Originally I wanted to make a platformer, similar to the level in FEZ "Sync"

To test that all the beats/rhythms were playing at the right time, I made it so that a box would change color and position at each beat at random. I then had an idea to make it to the point where it is now, where you had to be inside the box to gain points, since it would be a much simpler system to do. I honestly could've spent the past few hours polishing it and whatnot but I have a lot of other projects and I gotta get busy again uh oh so here's a little prototype of a rhythm game everyone.

I couldn't have made this without the tutorial/guid by that nice fella @fizzd, who made Rhythm Doctor, and a Dance Of Fire and Ice, both rhythm games. Check out their guide that I used: 

And if you wanna dig around and see how this rhythm game is made, check out the source code!


2017-09-22 13:07:58 by ninjamuffin99

It is anger day on newgrounds dot com everyone! Check out all the violent grey boy movies! And while you're at it, keep an eye out for my shitty Madness Day dating sim/visual novel coming out sometime today!MAD LOVE?

What up yall this fella is 18. Now when people say in their twitters that it's 18+ only I don't have to feel like a criminal. But I ain't no adult according to British Columbia, where the age of an adult is 19 dangit that would've scored me some cool points with my baby friends. I can vote I think but that's some nerd shit that I dont care about eheheh

Anyways here's some updates that I basically just stole from my previous newspost which is just a depressing ramble about my life eheheh:

A small game is being made with DigitalFudge, the artist who worked with my on my LudumDare 39 game, Lost Connection.

I began a lot of stuff for my Halloween Game with my boy Dmazes5, one of my friends from high school. He may be doing some sprite stuff and he's helping with design/story. I've done alot of research so far and I like the way the game is going so far.

Animations are still being worked on.

I've been doing some more art. You can check out a little thing I did earlier today of Chris from Nightmare Cops. It's alright i think


2017-09-05 23:54:56 by ninjamuffin99

I got the latest HumbleBundle that has a shitton of those Sakura Games. ILL GIVE A BUNCH AWAY FIRST COME FIRST SERVE




Sakura Agent

Sakura Fantasy (TAKEN)

Sakura Beach

Sakura Beach 2 (TAKEN)

Sakura Angels (TAKEN)

Sakura Spirit (TAKEN by that degenerate @dmazes5)

Sakura Swim Club (TAKEN)

Sakura Nova

Sakura Shrine Girls

 Sakura Magical Girls (TAKEN)


OpenToonz is cool and rad

2017-09-02 18:33:29 by ninjamuffin99

Your boy Jeremy Bullock has been contributing to OpenToonz, and him and many other contributors have came out with a new version of OTX (experimental openToonz). It has a bunch of cool features!

I like to use OpenToonz for a bunch of Pixel art stuff myself, and something else pretty soon yooo.

Got internet again and other stuuf

2017-08-28 23:39:00 by ninjamuffin99

God damn I lost internet for a whole week just about. It was absolutely horrible. Right before it was cut off I was actually writing a newspost, and my local library has Newgrounds on a block list for bein g an "adult" site. I file a complaint through their system to try and sneak my way into NG heheh. 

I mostly did a bunch of animation, and played a bunch of games that I've neglected overtime (shoutout to Broken Age which I finished yesterday. It is very lovely). I've also been going through some hard times in the past few weeks. Not going to go in depth, mostly because it's not things I need to get off my chest or anything, and also my lifes getting better slowly. Not that it's absolutely awful, just not too good. 

Anyways onto the good stuff:

Madness Day game:

I started work on this a few days ago. I've been prototyping with some stuff and if I pull it off it's gonna turn out pretty neat. But if there's a Madness animator that would be willing to help me with some animation that be great! The way I have it, it'd be more consulting since I have to program the animations in engine because of the way I'm making it.

General Animation Stuff:

Steven Universe Collab is almost done, I've been working on some stuff for The Sketch Collab and that's pretty rad. 

I try to stream whenever I animate over at so check it out whenever I guess, sometimes I play games but most of the time I program or animate or do pixel art.


Go check out Paramore's latest album since I liek it and also go buy Broken Age and play it.

So what up newgroundsers, here's my updaate of whatever im doing with my life at this current moment.

Last week I went on a trip to Abbotsford BC, which was an alright place. I went to an arcade type place and mostly played DDR, Guitar hero, and the Super Mario Bros. cabinet thing. Fun fact they modiufied the game to add enimies in a few bullshit places so i couldnt speedrun it, and they took out the warp pipes to world 8 in 4-2. Anyways, I was pretty much offline for that week but I caught a few Clock Day submissions. Shoutout to phantomarcade's toon, and Aprime's game that I helped playtest.

Today I began bullshitting around in HaxeFlixel and I did something I've wanted to for a long time... getting Newgorunds Radio working in it! You can check out the demo here: its a little rough since there's a bug where it stops working after trying to change the stations too much. If you'd like to contribute to it you can check out the source code here:

Pretty soon I'll implement it into Newgrounds SIM 2017 along with a few other little things I've been working on and have an update sometime soon.

And finally my Newgrounds Supporter status will run out tommorow, August 22nd! By now I've spent more time as a newgrounds supporter than a non-supporter. I'll probably get another 1 year membership once I get some caaash baby.


Anyways here's a few little tidbits that don't deserve a full section:

  • I started writing a post mortem type thing for all my games up to this point
  • Pixel art is pretty rad and i've been doing a bit more of it lately
  • I've been working on my Steven Universe Collab part and Im almost done
  • I've been streaming animation and game development at
  • I got The End Is Nigh and Sonic Mania who cares eheheh

What uuup. Lately I've been doing a bunch of streams of creative stuff, mostly programming the dating sim im working on, and animation stuff. So yes this is just a plug for my twitch hahah you cant stop me. I don't have a schedule or whatever, but i'll try to stream once a day whenever.